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  1. XB12R

    Who's going to polish their truck?

    + a protective coating of dirt and road grime.
  2. XB12R

    Vandalism concerns

    Not where I live, and it'll buff right out. Pic unrelated:
  3. XB12R

    What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    Suicide doors would be fun just for the hmmm factor.
  4. XB12R

    Will you use Cybertruck as a daily driver? What are you trading in?

    DD when I'm not on a bike. Suburban will go to the next lucky owner.
  5. XB12R

    Petition Elon for Dually

    I had a '99 GMC dually crew long box a few vehicles ago. The extra pair of tires made a big difference braking and accelerating on any kind of road surface while towing.
  6. XB12R

    Funny Cybertruck images & videos

    Back in the mid 80's....
  7. XB12R

    Tail gate without support cables?

    Linear actuators possibly. Manual with ratchet stops? Motors and torsion bars like a '76 Buick Estate clamshell tailgate? It went past 90 degrees for the ramp demonstration and there are pictures of it at 90. Anybody find a video of it in action other than the ramp being pulled out of the top edge?
  8. XB12R

    Elon is "one of our great geniuses" says President

    There's a nice Packard plant in Detroit that could use a coat of paint :unsure:
  9. XB12R

    Elon is "one of our great geniuses" says President

    Any NUMMI factories sitting empty in the "tri-state" area right now that Elon can buy? Maybe back to the original idea of Albuquerque which is a lot closer to GF 1 or maybe just keep adding on to GF 1.
  10. XB12R

    How to tell your place in line based on Cybertruck preorder reservation number

    117,706 ...hope the new gigfactory 5 can keep up. Drumpf says Tesla is going to ‘build a very big plant in the US.’ What is he talking about?
  11. XB12R

    How many are getting the solar option

    To keep the cab cool 350+ days of the year, Oh Yea, I'll go for it.
  12. XB12R

    Can a CT be realistically kept outside?

    Suburbans fit in regular car washes and they're the same size as the CT. Might have to check the track width.
  13. XB12R

    Can a CT be realistically kept outside?

    Mine will live outside in sunny SW FL, no room in the 2 car garage for it. Bar, workbenches, motorcycles and my wifes Z4 have the space maxed out. Except for the dash, my Surburban has held up OK. Exposed rubber bits are looking aged a bit too, but I try to keep them coated. I'll have to get...
  14. XB12R

    Are you replacing an ICE truck with your Cybertruck purchase?

    Yes, the Suburban should be just about ready for the next owner.