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  1. mggoulet

    Custom vanity plates - have you ordered yours yet?

    Effectivement, j'ose croire que la date dd livraison devrait être d'ici 3 ans... Notre fils aîné a le modèle 3 ... avant la sienba (10 litres aux 100 km), nous avions le gmc sierra et aussi un suburban (18 litres aux 100km)... Donc, nous souhaitons fortement délaisser le pétrole et encorager...
  2. mggoulet

    Custom vanity plates - have you ordered yours yet?

    Avez-vous reçu ma réponse? Car je crois avoir pesé sur preview au lieu de post reply ?
  3. mggoulet

    Custom vanity plates - have you ordered yours yet?

    J'ai commandé 3 CT: un tri avec full self driving, l'autre one motor pour mon fils cadet, le troisième pour la maison en Fl. (Île Hutchinson). Notre chien st-bernard mélangé avec terre-neuve pesait 250 lbs... en vivant en campagne, il restait ddhors... et il était très doux pour les enfznts...
  4. mggoulet

    Custom vanity plates - have you ordered yours yet?

    J'avais appelé mon st-bernard obélisque...!!!
  5. mggoulet

    Are you replacing an ICE truck with your Cybertruck purchase?

    Yes,,, we had a suburban 3/4 T _ turbo-diesel and Sierra 3/4 T same motor = 18 liters per 100 km... Now we have Sienna SLE AWD 2019 that we changed at each 2 years since 2011... My best truck was the suburban... And, I will be pleased to recognize the same pattern with the CT...!!!
  6. mggoulet

    Article: Tesla's battery acquisitions are paying off in spades, and giving rivals a lot of pain

    Did you see:
  7. mggoulet

    Article: Tesla's battery acquisitions are paying off in spades, and giving rivals a lot of pain

    Will you look at the new solid-state lithium batterie as :
  8. mggoulet

    Secret CybrTrk reservation holder

    We are proud to buy tesla product... in Québec we produce our own electricity with water... Hydro-Québec belongs to our gouvernent... so, the more ev we have... the mord mkney goes to our government... in that way, all poeple ffom Québec must get ev and get rid of gzs car...!!! And Mr. Elon...
  9. mggoulet

    Elon is "one of our great geniuses" says President

    Yes, Mr. Frank W., we must encourange Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk, by buying his EV ... Also, because he will spread SpaceX to give 5G ... So, that will replace the chineese Huawey company...!!!
  10. mggoulet

    What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    As wrote Michael Mehta, BC, The French company Michelin created the OPTIS , airless tire. That's replace already the RFT... Excellent IDEA...!!!
  11. mggoulet

    Will we need a jack...

    On Sunday night Autumn 2013, I hit the center ciment when we turn left with another car... too close of mine... Result: 2 big wholes on lateral part of RFT... And, I drove 20 miles to home with those wholes... Also, after Wilma hurricane (remember that on A1A, about 2 stories of débris along...
  12. mggoulet

    Will we need a jack...

    RFT is on my sienna xel awd... since 2011 I changed 5 times that van... now, I have 2019... as on 95 hway, some debri could be on that road... last time was a piece of old antenna ... entering in the rear tire near Miami and I drove through Jensen Beach at 60 MPH...As we drive an average of...
  13. mggoulet

    Will we need a jack...

    June 6th 1944
  14. mggoulet

    Will we need a jack...

    So, M. or Ms. Keyhere, Yes I can afford anything... especially all RFT for all my CT... But, remember that our family participated to Juno Beach (Jume, 6th, 19444)... We became Millionnaire by all work during all those years... And I wish that M. Musk put the best for all his customer by...
  15. mggoulet

    Will we need a jack...

    Mr. Elon Musk must put on CT the RFT...!!!
  16. mggoulet

    How many are getting the solar option

    I ordered one for my home in Fl and another on for our home in Québec... So, as we won't be in Fl for 6 months... can we just put the solar pannel and not plug the CT to and electric cord for that long...???
  17. mggoulet

    Locking in FSD price with CyberTruck order

    I ordered the FSD and 3 motors because, by the time I'll get it I'll be 70, preferable to get help driving until I die... and I know it will be my last car...Hopefully receiving it as soon as possible...!!!
  18. mggoulet

    Will we need a jack...

    With the RFT (run flat tire) ... never need a jack because I had a flat on 95 near Miami... and run through Jensen Beach at 60 MPH... and the day after I went to the tire store...!!! You can run up to 300 miles with a flat... Unbelievable... but real.
  19. mggoulet

    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    I will buy 2 of them... because my best car in my life was suburban ...!!!
  20. mggoulet

    Cybertruck vs F-150 Ownership Cost Comparison

    You see and now... you will know more about our politics problems: First, all the east coast had developped the westener... 2- the economy of saskatchewan is mostly by potash and petroleum and in Alberta is only with sand petroleum...In Québec, we have lithium, uranium, hydro=electricity, gold...