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  1. David R Kirkpatrick

    What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    I would like the solar panels to cover both the bed cover and the glass roof for almost double solar production. Cordless charging...especially important if I want to use the CT as a CyberTaxi, so it can come home, park over charger and recharge. If it has to be plugged in and out it is not...
  2. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    Yea, I agree, too much trouble to be worth the effort. Actually, the CT is the latest hot electronic device! I’m standing in line for two years, then I’m paying a lot of money without even a test drive, getting insurance, registration, plates, and hoping that I can scam some newbe for a profit...
  3. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    This is an odd idea. Usually, any new car or truck only depreciates for the short term after purchase (maybe only a little, but probably less than new), the CT may not be available for delivery immediately, but they are being manufactured...they are not out of production and anyone can get one...
  4. David R Kirkpatrick

    Full Self Driving (FSD) $7,000 option

    Hmmm..that’s odd. My order showed up in my account in minutes. I’ve made changes since and they also showed up almost immediately. Why don’t you just start’s only $100. In regards to FSD on the CT, my feeling is that it will evolve quickly (S curve) at some point and the potential for...
  5. David R Kirkpatrick

    The TSLA stock: a SpaceX launch after Cybertruck reveal?

    When you invest in a company who’s vision you believe in - the ups and downs don’t bother so much. Paying a premium for a Model S a while ago sponsored research that turned into 3, Y, and CT. I believed enough to buy stock recently at $500 and now it’s at $650. My earlier (2019 - $250)...
  6. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    Here are my thoughts: 1) Your number in line can be deceiving for several reasons- a. Many people put in several orders because it was cheap and will cancel one or two of them. b. A Trimotor order will move ahead in line before Single and Dual motor orders. c. Many orders will be canceled...
  7. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybertruck Inspires an Actual Cyberphone iPhone (by Caviar)

    I think I’ll just buy another Cybertruck instead.
  8. David R Kirkpatrick

    FSD Level 5

    That’s the spirit.
  9. David R Kirkpatrick

    FSD Level 5

    ”A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it” - Max Planck 1858-1947 German physicist.
  10. David R Kirkpatrick

    Folding Rear Seat Latch Spotted in Cybertruck?

    As far as I know, yes, 100% vegan interiors. The one remaining leather component was leather on the steering wheel, which was changed to vegan in Model 3 production.
  11. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybersex or cyberwar?

    Wow, cybertherapy day.
  12. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybersex or cyberwar?

    This is somewhat off topic, but I had some thoughts: Ladder racks on a glass Dump Salt spreader...salt kills any truck. Snowplow...use a hitch plow. Bed cleaning...use a broom, or better yet - use your used Ford F250 for all of the above, and save your new, bright and shiny...
  13. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybersex or cyberwar?

    Stock went up enough recently to pay for my CT. I didn’t cash out though, call it FOMO. But it’s not too’s still going up and you have a couple years.
  14. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybersex or cyberwar?

    Actually, I feel that CyberTruck is a brilliant name for all the reasons stated above and more. It is as disruptive as Tesla and SpaceX to the status quo. It is technologically utopian. It is mathematical. It is post-modern and rooted in the history of 60s, 70s, and 80s. It is sexy and an...
  15. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybersex or cyberwar?
  16. David R Kirkpatrick

    Gen 3 Tesla Wall Charger Launched, Now With WiFi

    Couple questions for those in the know. Is this charger suitable for CT? Can this charger be daisy-chained to old version charger on 50 amp circuit breaker?
  17. David R Kirkpatrick

    Best Cyberclone

    Here is my nomination for best cyberclone. Amazing how many of these are being built. It’s already a cult classic and it’s only a concept! Here are some of the also-rans...
  18. David R Kirkpatrick

    Deconstructing Cybertruck’s Tooling Costs Reveal Advantages of Its Engineering/Design

    Thanks for posting this. I tried to watch it one late night and did not make it through. I was happy to rediscover it today and happily made it all the way through. It makes me confident when Sandy likes anything, especially things that I’m interested in too.