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  1. Marc

    Will Cybertruck production & delivery date move up due to Model Y acceleration?

    Model Y also shares a majority of its parts with Model 3 meaning that they already had a good deal in place to speed things up.
  2. Marc

    Charging options while camping

    Good video, my use wouldn't be as extreme as this since most of my camping trips are either for climbing or floating so I wouldn't be using power during day and only be cooling during the evenings when hot. It's nice to know I can still use my favorite camping spots while camping, although I...
  3. Marc

    Charging options while camping

    I'm planning on using the CT for camping in NW Arkansas and wondering about battery situation. My round trip will only be about 175 miles so my Duel motor won't have any issues there, but my wife and I always have 3 day weekends and I'm curious how much battery will drain using "Camp Mode" or...
  4. Marc

    Do you think battery mileage will increase?

    Raising front and lowering rear could get users better angle towards the sun. Might bump up the numbers a few percent.
  5. Marc

    Are you new to Tesla?

    First EV for me. I've wanted a Tesla for years but the Model 3 didn't have enough utility for me, and the S and X were out of my price range. I was already looking at a truck for next vehicle and I think this is the best vehicle for the money, bar none. Ordered the duel motor.