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  1. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck is the best family car you can buy. Will it be your family vehicle?

    Will definitely be our camping/vacationing/road trip vehicle. Just has more space/flexibility than our Model 3.
  2. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck Playlist

    Nice, but just recalled this. Sturgill Simpson 'Sound & Fury'
  3. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck Playlist

    Funny, I've been thinking about this as well. 'The first track I'll play in the CT?'. Super impressed with the sound in Model 3 SR+ even without premium system. Hoping the dual motor AWD CT has the premium system, with sub. Back to the first track, still debating that. Something with heavy bass...
  4. VI Tesla

    This forum in the news

    Hopefully Musk will have a look as there's some good ideas being circulated.
  5. VI Tesla

    Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S

    I din't to start with either. But the more I hear about the future use of these vehicles. i.e. someone wants to buy your CT as an investment...I'm honestly still debating, I'll make the final decision at purchase.
  6. VI Tesla

    Secret CybrTrk reservation holder

    I also thought I wouldn't tell anyone. Didn't even tell my wife initially because I wasn't sure what she thought of it. I debated a full week before ordering and when I did I told her and she said 'Oh good, I was kind of disappointed you didn't order right away'. I've got family who are rig pigs...
  7. VI Tesla

    Tesla patents steering wheel with touchscreens and haptic feedback

    I'm a fan of the minimalist approach they took with the Model 3. In my opinion it sets the vehicle so far apart from all the rest of the EVs, where they're craming so many screens across the dashboard you'd think it was a Los Vegas strip, far too distracting. I'd much rather see a really cool...
  8. VI Tesla

    Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S

    Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S Anyone see this article? While I'm...%80 sure Tesla will make it right. This is the type of scenario that would totally piss me off and may change my mind about getting FSD for the CT. My wife drives a Model 3 standard range plus (no...
  9. VI Tesla

    What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    Some sort of retractable roof rack or pass through for those 18-20' lengths of lumber.
  10. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck vs Model 3

    My wife drives around our RWD Model 3 Standard range plus as the family car. Absolutely amazing product. We don't get a lot of snow where we are, only lasted a week and the RWD did just fine, all wheel drive not required here. If you have more snow I would recommend AWD though. I've ordered the...
  11. VI Tesla

    Tail gate without support cables?

    Exactly why I posed the question. I've watched the reveal anumber of times where they drive the ATV up the ramp and into back. Suspension drops, as you would expect, but the tailgate doesn't seem to move much. So wondering how they've accomplished that. I routinely put more weight than I should...
  12. VI Tesla

    Tail gate without support cables?

    So maybe the black plate grabs inside of tailgate?
  13. VI Tesla

    Tail gate without support cables?

    When they dropped it down during reveal it seem to drop like any other tailgate. just don't see what held it up unless that black filler plate attached to tailgate somehow grabs the underside of the bed? i suppose a few grab points on underside of bed could allow it to stop at 90 and beyond? But...
  14. VI Tesla

    Tail gate without support cables?

    Question, does anyone know how the tailgate on the Cybertruck works? It doesn't have support cables. Obviously it does work to an extent, as they drove that ATV into it. Just curious.
  15. VI Tesla

    Incentive Lobbying

    Hello All, I recently contacted the Canadian EV incentive program about having pickup trucks add to the program. Response is as follows: For vehicles to become eligible automakers must apply to have themselves added to our list of eligible vehicles. As of right now none of the automakers have...
  16. VI Tesla

    Camp Mode introduced in latest software will broaden Cybertruck's camping abilities

    Played with the camp mode in Model 3 the other day, it is pretty cool.
  17. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck wrap / skins color previews -- aftermarket online configurator

    Bya Cricut vinyl maker and you can make as many vinyl decals as you want.
  18. VI Tesla

    Home Charging kit

    Currently we're just plugging our Model 3 into my existing 30 AMP socket I had installed for my welder. Don't really see the need for the home charging kit. Even if the battery is drained we get a full charge over night, even dialed back to 25 AMPs to protect circuit. Of course generally we...
  19. VI Tesla

    Rivian announces Tank Turn feature

    This assumes that the material beneath you is uniform and the slip is the same at all wheels. More likely that when performing this manuever the vehicle will drift to side with most traction.
  20. VI Tesla

    Will you use Cybertruck as a daily driver? What are you trading in?

    DD for me as well. Always been a Toyota Tacoma guy. I'll be selling my '02 when I take delivery of my CT. Just hoping I can fabricate a mount to work with the fifth wheel. Might have to mod the fifth wheel a bit too. We'll see.