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    The Cybertruck Truck Guy argues with his favorite mechanic tuber...

    I think John has made several major errors. #1, I see no evidence that he understands what an 'S' curve is and what that means in terms of BEV sales growth potential. The fact that current sales are 2% is irrelevant if we are in a S curve environment. #2, The exact arguments he makes about...
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    People often overestimate the range they need... Wildly.

    Not in TX. We have driven 6 to 7 hours for a 3 to 4 hour family visit. I don't think we are alone.
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    The curse of 'white oil': electric vehicles' dirty secret

    I just want to add that those "foreign wars for oil" cost both blood and treasure. My daughter is a teacher and she sees first hand kids who have lost parents in those wars and kids who have parents that have physically and mental injuries too, sometimes both. There are many horror stories...
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    Elon vs IG Metall Union - Who will win?

    and And there's the contradiction, unions and fast moving technology firms that have an increasing use of robots to replace people have an in built conflict. The result of which will be slower innovation, higher product prices and lower profits (with lower stock price growth).
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    Starship launch

    Not really relevant but my neighbors son is a PhD rocket engineer. He chose to work for NASA rather than SpaceX for job security. He was offered a job by both. I think he made a mistake. Those SpaceX guys are amazing! Musk is a genius....
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    Potential Cybertruck Competitor -- The Nikola Badger Pickup, is Dead

    Can we just be honest about the management of NKLA. They put out a misleading video & lied to investors. They are pond life and deserve bankruptcy.
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    Project Artemis - Tesla in the crosshairs of VW

    Diess's is a very clever man and really gets 'it'. If they don't keep him, they deserve the dustbin of history.
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    Lucid factory phase 1 complete

    Taxis I have used have either been a Prius or small / mid size SUV. And I don't think Lucid are going for the taxi market. If I was a taxi driver and I was going electric, it would be a hatchback and not a sedan. There are zero luxury sedans in my neighborhood that I know of. All the new...
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    Elon vs IG Metall Union - Who will win?

    My money is on IG Metall. It's not a matter of Musk vs the Union, it's a matter of Musk versus German culture that dates back over a century. Good luck to Musk and I hope to be wrong.
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    Lucid factory phase 1 complete

    Meh...very skeptical. Living in TX, I don't see a big enough market (here or in the EU) for sedans. The wrong vehicle at the wrong time. And yes, I feel the same about the M3 - but so far I'm wrong on that.
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    Jeremy Clarkson vs the Model X

    My 2 cents, he is yesterdays news. The only car videos I want to watch are on youtube, not these mainstream dinosaurs from the 1990s.
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    I am holding firm on my CT reservation for the UK. Who else ?

    We don't know how the Brexit negotiations will turn out. The worst case is the UK may have a 10% tax on exports to the EU on WTO rules - that may well be negotiated lower. Shipping is not an issue, the Eurotunnel has the capacity to export millions of cars all over the EU mainland. Even with...
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    Cybertruck As A Service?

    Yes. My local Homedepot rents out trucks and vans. I have used this service, it was very easy and cheap. I suspect Homedepot or perhaps a 3rd party will be moving into this space.
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    CyberTruck vs Rivian R1T?

    As others have said, now Rivian has a huge order from Amazon and possibly others I wonder if they are as committed to the R1T as they should be.
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    I am holding firm on my CT reservation for the UK. Who else ?

    That's where my money is. Tesla should build a factory in the UK.
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    Munro: Tesla 4680 Battery Pack Prophecy

    Well worth the time
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    Tesla strikes now (4680, tabless,dry electrode, LFP & LiNi) while Toyota waits for Godot (solid state battery)

    Don't underestimate Toyota....they may big fans of Sun Tzu. “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
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    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    What about Delorean? To different a design perhaps. And BTW Sandy Munro helped setup the Delorean factory. lol...circles within circles
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    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so says Musk!

    I'm predicting a 600 mile range.
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    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    In case you didn't know SpaceX already uses this alloy. That experience gives them a huge advantage and I going to suggest they have all that already figured out.