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  1. FullyGrounded

    I wonder, is there such thing as a cleaner battery charge

    I wonder, is there such thing as a cleaner battery charge, vs a less clean charge, where the cleaner charge translates into more range from the same level of charge? I suddenly needed to know this, no clue why. I'll get back with you on that one. peace
  2. FullyGrounded

    A greeting that truly stands out...

    I want to ask Elon for something special: A way in which a CT owner can uniquely greet another CT owner on the street, virtually; but visible for all to see. I want to be able to send a hologram of a smile emoji, from my CT hood to the hood of a passing CT. The greeting would appear to be...
  3. FullyGrounded

    Florida Panhandle

    I have an order in for a 3 motor, FSD, etc... and cannot wait. I have so much to do, but would love to get some events going periodically. Rock on Tesla! Rock on CyberTruck!! peace
  4. FullyGrounded

    Exoskeleton vs crumple zones

    A huge change in the CT is this exoskeleton construction. My question is how does this exoskeleton function in a wreck... vs another vehicle, vs a person, vs a tree, or whatever? I'm very concerned when I think about the CT vs a person; but, I'm also wondering about our own safety with no real...