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  1. davidngo44

    Tesla Tequila bottle have arrived. Do anyone un-lucky to get a broken tesla tequila bottle cap ?

    Hello, My tesla tequila bottle just arrived Do anyone un-lucky to get a tesla tequila with a broken bottle cap ? Just contact Tesla customer service to return it, My come with a broken bottle cap, and with seal missing. Quality control not very good for a $250 a bottle. : ( . do not get me...
  2. davidngo44

    This is Copcon. My Cybertruck revervation.....

    Can someone help me: where Am I in the long line of the cybertruck 700,000 plus resveration ? RN112763097 Dual motor with FSD. Thank you.
  3. davidngo44

    The reality true prize of cybertruck.

    Cybertruck dual motor is $49,999 base.... is this prized after saving or before saving ? or the real prize would be higher. like the model Y basic real prize is $48,000 and estimate saving is $42,000, so the true cost is $48,000 plus tax and lic to bring the car home. Can any one tell me...
  4. davidngo44

    Cybertruck roof rack for work..... To carry long lumber on top or plumbing pipe

    For a work horse cybertruck, can we ask Elon for a roof rack ready design for our cybertruck. It is so important to be able to have a roof rack for a work horse contractor cybertruck.