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  1. Friday

    WISH LIST: Backwards facing truck bed seats

    Like the Subaru Brat?,_rear_left_(Arizona).jpg
  2. Friday

    'Experts' Still Predicting Cybertruck Will be a Cyber-Flop (Video)

    I trust CTTG right up there with Sandy Munro for CT education and explanations. Thanks CTTG for all your hard work on the videos, much appreciated.
  3. Friday

    Is this a "Boys Club" or are there any Sisters onboard?

    In my immediate family, 3 CT are on order. 1 tri-motor for mid 50's male, 1 tri-motor for mid 50's female and 1 single motor for late 70's female.
  4. Friday

    Metal roof rather than glass on the Cybertruck

    I'm kind of concerned about solar heat gain in the cabin with the glass roof. I frequently spend time in very hot areas of the US and it's incredible how fast interiors heat up even with traditional metal roofs. Glass is magnitudes worse for heat gain. I had a vehicle with a sunroof back in...
  5. Friday

    Costco Superchargers?

    Can confirm Costco was the first public chargers I remember back in EV1 days. I still remember which parking spaces were the chargers at the local one. In AZ.
  6. Friday

    Watch the Tesla Battery Day Livestream & Post Your Reactions Here

    No audio yet on any of the streams I've been monitoring. Hopefully that will change soon.
  7. Friday

    Another EV transportation device, cute, classic

    Yeah, no kidding. Just ask Clarkson. One of the funniest bits on old Top Gear.
  8. Friday

    Another EV transportation device, cute, classic

    Having driven the Polaris Slingshot; no need the motorcycle endorsement in that state. The 2 wheels in front, back single drive wheel was very stable (felt like 4 wheels) on all freeway and secondary roads. It was F.U.N! Did not take it on dirt or offroad.
  9. Friday

    Another EV transportation device, cute, classic

    Sandy Munro's onboard for the Nobe too. This and the Arcimoto seem to really excite him.
  10. Friday

    7 ways the Cybertruck will Change my Life (Video)

    *IF* the CT as promised performs to the current believed specs, I *will* be driving more, for recreation/travel. It does sound like a lifestyle altering tool. I expect to have a lot more free time about when my CT order is projected to be built!
  11. Friday

    Another EV transportation device, cute, classic

    I can't help myself, this thing is cute and iconic. What a great era of reimagining vehicles we are in now. Not giving up my CT, but I can see the appeal of this type of design.
  12. Friday

    What is the best dog for CT?

    All (real) Dogs are correct for the CT.
  13. Friday

    These Off-Grid, Luxury Travel Trailers Pack Enough Oomph to Power a Tesla Cybertruck

    We have a 21' conventional Toy Hauler. We bought it used for less than $8k USD. It's no "luxury" but it is comfortable. It sleeps 4 with a shower/bath combo and kitchen. The back opens down and is used as a ramp/patio. It has an onboard Onan generator. It has a spare gas tank for fueling ATV's...
  14. Friday

    Musk Says It Will Be Possible For Owners To Telepathically Summon Their Tesla With Neuralink Implant

    What if you dream about driving your CT? Will it go on a voyage without you? This sounds like dancing with the Ambien Walrus.
  15. Friday

    “Why do you want to go electric?” Some car dealers only want to sell ICE

    They invest in buggy whips and saddle blankets. Some refuse to see the future.
  16. Friday

    Recovered Cybertruck Hater

    I know a couple of early hardcore nay-sayers who now have order numbers. I think changing your mind on the Tesla/EV/CT is more common that we might believe. I didn't have an interest in a Tesla vehicle until the CT was introduced.
  17. Friday

    What is your biggest Cybertruck question you'd like answered by Tesla before committing to purchase?

    I am wondering if there will be some sort of monthly subscription price to use certain applications on the CT. I know that Lexus Enform subscription ($80/yr) is required to use remote start capabilities. BMW requires a subscription fee for Apple CarPlay. It looks like Tesla offers...
  18. Friday

    Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    I like the pics with Tony Stark/Iron Man overlooking the CT. Especially relevant since Elon was in Iron Man 2 as himself.
  19. Friday

    The Last Starfighter (Cyber)truck

    1984. Centauri's vehicle. Huh, looks vaguely familiar. I've always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds.