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  1. Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    I do not think the critical path will be the building. It will be the tooling to manufacture the Cyber Truck. It is a completely new approach and all of the tooling will developed, tested and adjusted. Maybe they can get a jump on the battery manufacturing.
  2. Cybertruck is the Moneyball of the Truck Market

    Great Analysis! Love laughing at the state of the past thinkers. The same problem is across the board in our country’s approach to public policy. We now have an 80 year old Speaker of the House and a 78 year old President with dementia both with almost 50 years each doing the same thinking...
  3. 4-Wheel steering

    I think a tight turning radius is extremely important. Trucks generally have a poor turning radius because of a long wheelbase. My wife hates driving my truck. I think the Cybertruck will have a lot more support if at least there is an option. I will definitely add. I just hope it is not...
  4. FSD Price Lock on Order

    I just read the agreement that I accepted with my reservation. I am reasonably sure we all approved the same agreement. It specifically says the pricing is an estimate and that final pricing will be determined when you finalize your order and options.
  5. FSD Price Lock on Order

    The terms and conditions states that prices are subject to change. Our reservations did not lock in the price of the vehicle or options.
  6. Justify the cost to own

    I used to use $1.00 per mile as cost to own and operate. Now that is probably too low because depreciation is much greater since the initial cost to purchase anything has jumped substantially. .
  7. Cybertruck depreciation concern

    Technology is the fastest depreciating asset because advancing change is so rapid.
  8. Cybertruck depreciation concern

    I think you have to buy a vehicle with options that make it unique as time goes. I have a 2013 P85+ with all the options back then. It has held its value pretty well. I just had the new center screen installed; fantastic better image. I have been debating getting a new CPU. This car is over...
  9. Tesla Cyberquad ATV pics from Battery Day 2020!

    I would hope that if you buy it at the same time as the Cybertruck, it would have a special price. I have no idea what these typical things cost. Anybody think $10,000 is about right?
  10. California Bans Sale of New Gasoline-Powered Passenger Vehicles Starting 2035

    So if you move to California do you have to sell your gas powered car? How can a State make something illegal when is legal everywhere else?
  11. Cybertruck Interior Colors and Materials

    I cannot imagine that it will have leather sets. It would seem something more utilitarian would be appropriate. I hope it has something other than black.
  12. CyberTruck's technology is exponentially over and beyond both Model S and X says research analyst after Fremont visit

    I think the S is ending it’s life. I have a 2013 P85+ with all the options. The new S’s sold have limited options and the price is a lot less than what I paid in 2013. The S needs some refresh and a reboot. The hatchback on the S is extremely useful. SUVs outsell sedans so the S may become...
  13. Cyber truck delivery if no Tesla showroom/delivery center in town?

    Yes, but either way it is big government knows best.
  14. Cyber truck delivery if no Tesla showroom/delivery center in town?

    I would like to pick mine up at the factory and drive it back to Texas. It is amazing that in Texas the dealership monopoly prevents the manufacturer from selling direct to customer. You have to title in Calif and transfer to TEXAS. Socialism is alive and well in Texas.