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  1. What version will be made first

    I didn't realize you needed a site map. If you go in today,, configure a CyberTruck, it will give you timeframes to set expectations. For Single Motor configuration, it states Late 2022, for Dual & Tri, it states Late 2021.
  2. What version will be made first

    I said, Tesla! Check their web site
  3. What version will be made first

    As of today's date, Tesla states the Tri-Motor production will start in late 2021.
  4. First Cybertruck Deliveries Will Be Early 2022 - Per Email to Reservation Holders Pushing For Leasing of Other Teslas

    I placed my order for a Tri-Motor in early December 2019. I have not gotten any emails related to leasing, so can I assume that I may be able to take delivery in early 2022? Time will tell.
  5. CyberTruck vs Rivian R1T?

    With Rivian now having its configurator live and the ability to see pricing, specs, options, etc. I'm a bit torn. I original, just after the LA Auto show (Nov. 2018) pre-ordered the R1T and now have an R1T Max Pack on pre-order, so maybe sometime into 2022 for a possible delivery? When the...
  6. Ford VP Disses Cybertruck, Calling Electric F-150 a "Real" Work Truck

    Ford is in panic mode when it comes to the F Series trucks. Ford makes almost all of the companies profits from these trucks. They also make huge profits from the high end trucks (Platinum/King Ranchers, etc). So if Tesla & say Rivian take away the luxury high end buyers, it could have...
  7. Watch the Tesla Battery Day Livestream & Post Your Reactions Here

    So Tesla is moving to No Pack, while others like Rivian are still designing their first packs.
  8. CyberTruck on Order. Thinking installing Solar? Is SunPower good?

    Yes, we'll have to see what the numbers look like. I'm thinking more Solar for the house with battery backup & energy storage. I have a good set up now with a NG backup for hurricanes when we lose power for 3-4 days. With my utilities, I now have the option to switch to Time of Use metering...
  9. CyberTruck on Order. Thinking installing Solar? Is SunPower good?

    Starting to think ahead to when we actually get delivery of our CyberTruck! With the recent news that Tesla lowered its Solar Panels to $1.49/watt I started looking, but Tesla is not available in my state. I'm starting the process of getting bids. A local company I know has a great...
  10. CyberTruck vs Rivian on Battery Tech?

    That's exactly why I canceled my Rivian order and placed a CyberTruck order when it was announced .
  11. CyberTruck vs Rivian on Battery Tech?

    Rivian has not yet publicly, that I can find, say who their source for batteries will be. Several articles state LG Chem. We also know LG Chem is building a new factory in Ohio to support GM. I guess we will known more once Battery Day gets here, hopefully in September. My guess is Tesla...
  12. CyberTruck vs Rivian on Battery Tech?

    I had initial ordered a Rivian R1T until Tesla announced the CyberTruck. CyberTruck just seems like such a great overall, do everything vehicle for less money and better performance. I'm still pulling for Rivian and hope they are successful, but just wondering, can a New company like Rivian...
  13. Cybertruck and Rivian Reservations?

    I had a very early reservation on Rivian R1T...Loved what I saw and what RJ and company are doing. Then came the Cybertruck! It checks so many boxes, pricing is great for the spec sheet, Tesla is truly a continuous learning company so I feel it will be well built from the start. This will be...
  14. Update: Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Now Costs $8K

    So if we have Pre-Ordered CyberTruck, are we actually guaranteed the $7K FSD price?