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  1. First look at Tesla’s new structural battery pack that will power future vehicles

    When I first heard about this at battery day I wasn't concerned about the life of the Cybertruck ,but the life of the battery. With it epoxied in to the frame if there's a battery failure then you have to scrap the whole frame or undergo expensive surgery to overhaul a battery. This is not...
  2. Is this the motocycle to go with the Cybertruck?

    Yes, with a 4kwh battery it's not going far, but only 200lbs would 'easily' roll up CT ramp. Why will it not pass regulations you say?
  3. Is this the motocycle to go with the Cybertruck?

    Sondors a maker of electric bikes just released an announcement of it's new electric bike and is now open for orders. Sondors Metacycle How it's like the CT: -unpainted metal finish option with minimalist design -electric drive train -appears to have good value for performance advertised How...
  4. Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery

    Seeing as I've never bought a new car before and have limited experience with questions you're proposing. The answers are most likely disappointing partially due to legal issues in car purchasing. I assume Texas will not likely allow factory pick-up unless dealer networks can be out lobbied in...
  5. Cybertruck for Christmas?

    Post your Christmas gifts, apparel, ornaments, other art... I have a picture of a cookie I decorated for Santa CT inspired. Sorry its sideways. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannekah, Merry Kwanzaa, happy boxing day or any other holiday you might celebrate this week! 🎄🍾 🥳 🎊 🎉
  6. Rival designer calls Cybertruck design "Iconic. Brutal. Perfect."

    A UAV? Urban Assault Vehicle 😆 who else gets it?
  7. My response to designer Frank Stephenson's criticism of the Cybertruck (Video)

    Todd, thanks for taking to time to do another video. Love the content. I'd like to see Frank try and critique the design of this... Or maybe even just this... ...I needed a shovel like that to get through Frank's video if you know what I mean. P.S. To quote the Master Chief "that...
  8. Car designer Frank Stephenson's view on the Cybertruck

    I like to tell people I have a good sense of fashion. Plaid flannel has never been out of fashion and its comfortable and durable. I don't care if it makes somebody think I may or may not be in touch with nature when I wear it. This guy states his professionalism in design is a responsibility...
  9. Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery

    Thanks for link and idea. I sent in a note also. It only took a couple minutes. " Subject: Tesla Truck Factory Message: I have a Tesla Cybertruck on order and expect to spend time in Austin to pick it up directly from the factory if possible. I am concerned that state and local laws may...
  10. CyberTruck Naming

    I thought of maybe having " TFI NOW " as a license plate to mean "the future is now" but then my wife pointed out that TFI has another meaning 🤣 it could still work out maybe 😂
  11. Cybertruck reservation upgrade to dual motor?

    Most modern trucks have rear wheel drive problems due to less traction from uneven weight distribution. I don't think a 2 wheel drive CT will need sandbags in the bed for winter like most other trucks do because better weight distro with battery pack.
  12. CyberTruck Naming

    I see lots of good ideas here. I also like the idea of naming it after a famous horse like: Silver (lone ranger's) Scout (tanto's) Shadowfax (LOTR, Gandalf's) Seabiscut (real race horse, featured in film) Phantom (Zorro) Pokey (gumby) Bullseye (toy story) Artax (Atreyu's, tragic, but happy in...
  13. Wheel covers have to be deleted.

    I don't care as long as the wheels get low wind resistance, low road noise and high efficiency for all seasons wear. I will mostly be doing hwy driving with my CT
  14. Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery

    I want to take time off and enjoy a road trip with my new CT. I want to see the factory where it was built. And conveniently, I have family near Austin that I can show off and offer rides in my new CT. To my knowledge, Tesla hasn't done factory pick-up since they started high volume mass...
  15. About Delivery

    I want to pick up my CT from the factory with a tour if possible
  16. Cybertruck production gets closer as Gigafactory Texas shifts to 24/7 construction

    I hope they let us pick up CT from the factory. Anybody else interested in doing this? I don't think Tesla has done this with other vehicles since the roadster.
  17. M3 towing an Airstream video

    Ooh this is getting interesting (grabs popcorn)
  18. M3 towing an Airstream video

    Loosely.... mentioned 100 miles on long range M3, but didn't seem like he had done as much range testing as he wanted as of when video shot.