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  1. CybrTrkWdWk

    Cybertruck 1:10 Hot Wheels R/C Delayed Until May. First Look at Carrying Case

    Of course it's delayed another 6 months. Can't catch a break in 2020. And why did they make confirming such a convoluted process?
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    Expecting cybertruck delivery this month

    I ordered two 1:64 scale ones for my kids and I can't wait to to throw some BBs at the windows!
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    Wheel covers have to be deleted.

    These are the first wheel covers I have actually liked, but yes, they will look like garbage in a hurry. Looking forward to seeing the final design.
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    Window frames or lack there of...

    I had a 1986 Camaro with no window frames. It was one of the few things on it that wasn't an issue 😆 I wonder if the CT will have dual pane windows that Tesla seems to be using more lately...
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    I imagine that was a prototype issue.
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    Justify the cost to own

    I buy a car every 10 years right before the reliability starts to drop and as it's starting to look beat up. The dual motor is a little more than I usually spend but should easily last 20 years before those issues start to come up. So much cheaper in the long run. Not to mention all the added...
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    Chinese quality concerns.

    Companies set the standards for how their products are made in China. If they are trying to make things as cheap as possible, quality will suffer. If they set high standards quality will be high (such as Apple). If you are buying products from places like Costco, Walmart, etc., you are buying...
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    Cybertruck may be on board SpaceX cargo mission to Mars in 2022

    Just an update for this thread...the goal is now not 2022 but 2024 for the first cargo Starship to Mars.
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    Cybertruck goes to the moon

    I can imagine an all aluminum CT for the moon. No need for the added weight of steel up there. Hopefully they still get the glass roof! LOL
  10. CybrTrkWdWk

    Nissan owner trying to make their car look like a Tesla

    That was hillarious! It's nice he was able to treat himself to the P100D Rogue. Now let's see the CyberTitan.
  11. CybrTrkWdWk

    Lego Cybertruck's 10k Supporters Qualifies It For Official Production Review by Lego

    Just waiting for my Hot Wheels 1:64 scale RC CT to arrive now. Are those still on for December delivery?
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    Additional charging port in front area.

    What a spectacle that will be! A century old antique car being pulled by a truck from the future!
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    New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Part of the presentation was about the importance of recycling the batteries at the end of their useable life for a closed loop system where mining materials becomes much less important. This to me indicates the packs will be replaceable somehow even if structural. This is pure speculation on...
  14. CybrTrkWdWk

    Cybertruck News From Battery Day: A/C Controls in Bed Possible and 200k-300k Annual Production Estimate

    Unless Australia is really strict with vehicle pedestrian safety laws like Europe, i would think the full size CT would be a great fit for Australia. Especially since you don't have narrow roads like Europe either.
  15. CybrTrkWdWk

    First look at Tesla’s new battery cell produced in-house with Roadrunner

    That is the mindblowing news Elon has been promising...the new batteries will be powered by Redbull! The only downside is Teslas handling will now feel a little jittery.
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    New BEV Truck - Hercules Alpha

    Yeah, best of luck, but that rendering says all you need to know about how serious they are. It looks like a mashup of existing trucks and you can even see scenery through the windows. Also there is a mysterious black fog enveloping the tires. 😄
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    How strong will be CT's glass (Transparent Metal)?

    Good point about the curve adding strength but if it is ALON glass which most industry people assume it is, then it is four times harder than your standard fused silica glass which sounds to me like more added strength than the slight curve in most windshields IMHO. This will likely also be the...
  18. CybrTrkWdWk

    Hope this doesn’t happen with the CyberTruck

    Jalopnik is known for writing anti EV & Tesla articles. I suspect they have ties to the legacy automakers with the way the usually trash Tesla. I disregard their entire site due to their blatant bias.
  19. CybrTrkWdWk

    Bike rack option

    The rear camera on CT prototype isn't on the tailgate. There is one on either side of license plate so they should still be of some use even with tailgate down.