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  1. duck

    Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    How many did you order? No offense, but I hope Tesla wouldn't deliver one person a large batch of vehicles with so many people waiting. Wasn't there something in the reservation agreement where you state that this CT is for your personal use?
  2. duck

    Who here plans on NOT babying their Cybertruck and will use it for heavy work?

    I will lock myself in the bed and let CT drive me home when drunk. Baby CT? No. CT will baby me.
  3. duck

    Article & Video: Cybertruck’s production cost will be half of its competitors

    I don't think anyone is aware yet of what a revolutionary vehicle this could be. I'm very excited to be involved early.
  4. duck

    'Experts' Still Predicting Cybertruck Will be a Cyber-Flop (Video)

    "Experts" are funny. They told me not to by Tesla stock about a year ago. I'll probably use the profits to pay for my Cybertruck. :p
  5. duck

    Fisker Motors CEO Teases Aggressive EV Pickup In Concept Render

    I think they have a steep hill to climb to catch up with CT, but I wish them well. I think the competition is a good thing. It will push everyone to be better, more efficient & more affordable.
  6. duck

    Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    I have a feeling the initial production runs (the test models that go to Tesla employees for evaluation) might expose a few issues that need to be addressed, but after that I'm hoping that the CT can be rapidly produced in high volume. I believe it is designed specifically for that. TLDR: I...