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  1. EMoeller

    ELECFRESH | Center Floor Organizer

    I would be very interested in this (waiting on my CB, expect summer delivery). 1) I would need it to be easily removable as I expect other uses for that space. 2) One of those is a Bluetti MultiCooler (refrigerator, freezer and ice maker - link below I've ordered one) It will be mounted...
  2. EMoeller

    Aged Stainless steel looks awesome.

    Then I’d like a wrap like that (the OPs photos). Maybe not initially but I would do this of wrap before I’d do I'd actually consider getting a wrap like this! As others have noted the CT won't ever naturally have this patina and I think it looks bad ass...
  3. EMoeller

    7 Day Review - Attempt at a Unique Positives & Negatives Perspective.

    Thank you nice summary review. still waiting for my CB!
  4. EMoeller

    I now own a Cyberbeast!

    Wow! Congrats it looks the Beast's are being unleashed from Texas. I can't wait to get mine - expecting in the June/July time frame.
  5. EMoeller

    CYBERBEAST review from longtime Tesla owner

    Nice summary, thanks also for the outlet draw down rates. And congratulations on receiving an early CyberBeast.! I'm patently waiting for my delivery 'later this year"
  6. EMoeller

    My Starlink Antenna Custom Mount With Suction Cups

    Great work! A top priority when I get my CB is to install Starlink and this looks like a great temp solution when camping.
  7. EMoeller

    Will HomeLink be available for the Cybertruck?

    Not available now, see this link: There are continuing rumors that it is coming, but as this link shows there would need to be hardware for that to happen and I...
  8. EMoeller

    Shouldn’t Cybertruck have 5G?

    Ah, thanks for clarifying. CB will be my first electric/Tesla vehicle, so I'm still catching up with the lingo. So Lifetime Connectivity is the service that Tesla provides its vehicles to maintain constant connectivity and that is presently 4G only. But one could use their cell phones to...
  9. EMoeller

    Dropping battery pack teardown video by Sandy Munro

    Pretty incredible design! If/when significant batter pack upgrades come along in the future, it looks like Foundation Series CT could easily accommodate swaps.
  10. EMoeller

    Shouldn’t Cybertruck have 5G?

    Why couldn't one simply use the 5G service now provided through their phones? Sharing cell or wifi (also known as Hot Spot sharing with Apple) has been around for a long time and works flawlessly. When Tesla first came out they needed to connect their vehicles (and still do!) but technology...
  11. EMoeller

    Delivery Day and First Impressions

    Nice delivery summary, thanks for sharing and for providing the info on your selection of wheel trim. I'll be doing the same tinting and wheel trim if/when my CB gets delivered. Please keep us posted as you gain more experience with your CT.
  12. EMoeller

    First Cybertruck on Cars & Bids, auction ends 3/22

    This auction ended today (3/22/24) with a final bid of $158,000 but it doesn't state if this was "sold" as the bid may be below the reserve.
  13. EMoeller

    Got my CyberBeast VIN 3/13

    Congrats! I ordered my CB on 1/9 and was initially advised delivery between Mar-Jun, but later this showed up as second half of 2024. Very exciting that you and others are getting their deliveries.
  14. EMoeller

    Basecamp Tent First Review ⛺︎ [Updated w/ Awning Photos]

    Thanks so much for this review. I am still several months out before my CyberBeast arrives but camping will be the key use case for me so I'm looking at all options now. I've put a deposit down for a SpaceCamper ( ) which seems to tick all of my boxes. I am also...
  15. EMoeller

    TSB to replace Tri-Motor Rear Motors Inverters issue = cause for Cyberbeast delivery delay?

    Good catch, thanks for sharing. All of us early adopters need to be cognizant that early builds may have some design/hardware issues that in time will be corrected. But that our vehicles may be disadvantaged if the issues are hardware related that can't simply be replaced (such as the 4680...
  16. EMoeller

    My CyberBeast Foundation Series Delivery! - 02/26/24

    Wow! Simply Wow... Congrats and thanks for all of your work at Tesla. I have a much lower reservation number but didn't get my order confirmed until 01/09 with expected delivery Mar - Dec 2024. Please continue to post your experiences with your CyberBeast so I can live vicariously...
  17. EMoeller

    Front license plates - got any tickets?

    I've used an easily removable front license holder for my Porsches, but all 911's have a concealed tow hook up front, which the CT does not have. I suspect something like this.. Will be available shortly. It would be...
  18. EMoeller

    Introducing ProtectaClear: the smart coating option to protect your 30X stainless steel factory finish

    This looks awesome! My CyberBeast won't arrive until after mid-year but I'm going to let my detailer in Santa Rosa (Auto Sport Detailing) know about this. You should also contact Tesla directly as them may want you to toll a product for them.... Thanks for sponsoring this forum....
  19. EMoeller

    Plaid (bank transfer software) sucks...

    I'm still confused here is what Tesla sent me when I placed my order: Paying for Your Vehicle Depending on what state you live in, you can choose to lease the vehicle, purchase with financing or purchase outright. You may also be able to trade in your current vehicle and apply the trade-in...