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  1. CyberRich

    Official Tesla Cybertruck Pet Liner

    Just spotted this in the online store for $145. Fleece material may help keep the dog hair at bay. Comparably priced to this F150 door-to-floor liner I picked up from Amazon. Unzips for split seats is a nice bonus...
  2. CyberRich

    Air suspension adjustment unavailable

    This message popped up on my third day of ownership. Ride height controls are now disabled on my screen. Have seen this error message reported on Model S & X forums. I tried rebooting but did not help. Was wondering if anyone else has run into this. Looks like a trip back to the service...
  3. CyberRich


    The lack of any visible wiper blades on the Cybertruck has left a question mark as to how Tesla will implement this function in the production version. It just happens to be that Tesla has filed for, not one, but two patents for wiper inventions in the past year. Which do you think is more...
  4. CyberRich

    Cybertruck Tires

    One of the test drive videos identified Goodyear tires on the truck. The Motor Trend article generically said 35s. Has anyone been able to figure out what type and size? Just curious about the cost to replace them. These are close but not identical...