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  1. ElecFresh

    ELECFRESH | Bed Mat & Frunk Mat & Under-Bed Storage Mat

    ELECFRESH | Bed Mat & Frunk Mat & Under-Bed Storage Mat (TPE Material and Haircell Texture) Here are renders of the Bed Mat & Frunk Mat & Under-Bed Storage Mat. I currently do not have a CT for taking photos. If you have the ability to shoot high-quality product photos for Amazon, please...
  2. ElecFresh

    ELECFRESH | Center Floor Organizer

    Accessory #1. I designed a product, there is a large blank area between the center console and screen of the cybertruck. I made a storage box to fill this area, it looks like original. This storage box has two layers, the lower layer is divided into two areas. There is a larger flat area that...
  3. ElecFresh

    🌟 ElecFresh Joins the Cybertruck Community: Revolutionizing Your Ride! 🛠️

    Hello Cybertruck Enthusiasts! This is ElecFresh, a new face in this electrifying community, dedicated to enhancing your Cybertruck experience. For over a year, our team has been passionately working behind the scenes, diving deep into what makes a great accessory for electric vehicles. Our...