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  1. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Sorry I forgot, Tesla is perfect and it’s always user error. It just so happens the OP came up with a story and then Tesla issues some fixes to SBW/ Acceleration 🙄
  2. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Looks like no one wants to apologize to the OP…. Hilarious…. Hopefully Tesla can fix this before it gets to me
  3. Nationwide HOLD on all CyberTruck deliveries

    So the member that crashed into a pole was telling the truth
  4. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    Because it’s like riding along with a student driver? Basic AP is good enough, for free. I’ve used FSD a handful of times during the free trial and it’s just not worth $12k or $1200 a year. Just the fact that it wants you to keep your hand on the steering wheel at all times is a joke.
  5. For the love of God, leave me be!

    They are a dime a dozen here in SoCal now, just an everyday commuter. I dislike the videos and photos as some of these people take them to post them online to make memes or send them to friends/family as a joke. I guess as long as I am not in the pic lol
  6. So something is wrong in Austin ... CyberTruck backlog

    100%? Fake rich……….. got 125%…. Plus gap insurance 🤣🤣🤣
  7. 2024.8.9 Software Release Out

    Just use the Autopark feature that came with FSD that you paid extra for. Easy day.
  8. CT manufacturer flaw - Should I reject it?

    I say you keep it, you’re going to wrap it anyways. Tesla already knows we will take delivery of anything so they just let these examples get through.
  9. Time to end the Foundation series.

    You have to pay to play Tesla is doing what they’ve always done, wish the legacies would do the same. All the FS is about is alcantara, white interior, dog decals, FS decals and software update all for a cool $20k 🤣
  10. I took delivery of my CyberBeast and doodled all over it!

    Love it!!! Great way to stand out from the boring everyday Cybertruck look
  11. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    He ended up hitting the light pole because everything failed…… steering, brakes **gasp** It’s possible….. or He was showing off his Cyberbeast mode and was unable to control it ……. This is the most likely scenario…
  12. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    At the beginning the OP was a troll because Tesla is perfect. OP post pics and now he doesn’t know the difference from brake and gas because Tesla’s are so sophisticated 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes) UPDATE: FIXED

    The OP said dealership couldn’t do anything for him, what a mess.
  14. RN1130’s Order Confirmed: Here we go, folks!

    I’d say 2-3 months, the take rate isn’t that high.
  15. This Truck's Steer-by-Wire Has Ruined "Normal" Steering for Me

    Tesla has done it again, truly reinventing the wheel
  16. CyberBeast Tri-Motor vs. Dual-Motor Cybertruck Drag Race! 🥊

    The AWD will soon become the better value. I suspect Tesla will take features away from the non Cyberbeast like air suspension, tonneau cover and other little items to make the Cyberbeast worth upgrading to. I’m most likely wrong but I can see them doing that… 500 mile range would be worth the...
  17. FSD is supposed to be: "this is the weekend"?

    Yeah because everyone in the road thinks the same way. When it comes out of a turn at a turtles pace it’s a hazard, worse than a student driver. You made my point “drive it yourself”. FSD requires hands on wheel with inputs to the accelerator in order to not look like a dumbass on the road…...
  18. Flippers are done! 150+ Cybertruck for-sale listings

    You must work for Tesla then to believe there are still 2 million people waiting….. smh …. Besides, the longer the wait the better the product, not in a rush to be “First” for the “Likes” Post your CT for sale link and be done with it….