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  1. tmeyer3

    RN1130’s Order Confirmed: Here we go, folks!

    The impossible, mythical email finally arrived for me: RN11301 <- it's stupid that I've memorized this by now.... Anyway! Looking forward to joining the owners club :)
  2. tmeyer3

    37's tires (37" x 12.5" inch) test fit on Cybertruck

    With a more neutral wheel offset (stock has a huge offset, probably +4 or so but no confirmation, yet), it looks like traditional 35" x 12.5" will work ok. Even the 37s with 1.5" spacers are VERY close to be viable with some mods. More info: 37” BFG KO2s were fitted earlier with our beadlock...
  3. tmeyer3

    Roof Auxiliary Power Tap / Power Feed Specs (48V)

    Black: ground Green: constant 10.5v Red: on/off 48v
  4. tmeyer3

    Business customizing Cybertruck steel - using laser engraver

    Just wanted to throw this out there: I have access to a large array of low power lasers here in So Cal that are specifically for engraving from 3" to almost 12". How many folks do you think would be interested in paying a small premium to have something engraved by experienced operators? With...
  5. tmeyer3

    Rumor: factory Lightbar accessory to be made by Hella Lights Quality light bars. The accessory is rumored to be their "Black Magic Slim" that is on offer. These are well tested and very good quality lights.
  6. tmeyer3

    CT rear bumper is not a bumper

    Not sure why this took me so long to notice, but this post from @Mini2nut contains the following picture of the rear bumper assembly There are other threads about bumper materials and potential...
  7. tmeyer3

    8000 ton press already installed?

    I know there has been talk about the 8000 ton high pressure die casting machine (giga press) required for CT production and whether or not it has been delivered. Based purely on the footage from the dedicated drone pilots watching giga Texas construction, there's really no conclusive way to tell...
  8. tmeyer3

    BHP Nickel mining contract signed! Just wanted to make all aware of this. This is absolutely key in 4680 production and, thereby, Cybertruck production ramp up. While Elon did say that the 4680 does affect...
  9. tmeyer3

    Rear hinged back doors? Either I've missed a big announcement, this journalist is just wrong, or kbb accidentally leaked something! This article mentions that Cybertruck rear doors will be rear hinged. Thoughts? Image is from a quick Google...