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  1. Wrapped in Dyno Green

    Wrapped in Dyno green!!! lmk if anyone has any questions.
  2. Issue: screen went blank after 24.2.8 Update. Service Center fix underway

    Updated to 24.2.8. LTE instantly went out and then I started to drive and 5 min later the screen also went out. Scroll wheel reset didn’t bring anything back. Took it to Service Center. They were able to recover the screen after a 12v reset and confirmed that the screen was bootlooping. The...
  3. Sentry Mode USB drive full after 10 days... how to overwrite old files automatically?

    Is there a function to override old files automatically? It seems like the Ct will have this problem for a few more weeks/months.
  4. 7 degrees of rear steering angle showing on my Cybertruck

    I thought it was limited to only 3 degrees at delivery.
  5. Windshield tint - blurry / ghosting

    Got my windshield tinted, 70% xpel xr plus. It’s been 10-11 days and it’s blurry/ ghosting (not my pic, but example pic attached), it’s really bad at night. The front windows are 30% and back are 5% and don’t have this issue. The shop has agreed to redo the install with 3m crystalline. I...
  6. Real World Range - from Saratoga to Carmel trip

    Drove from Saratoga to Carmel over the weekend. Took HW1 to go down and 101 on the way back. Half the trip had rain and weather was 50-65 degrees. Was able to do the round trip in one charge. Start 80%, end 5%. Also the amount of attention it got was more than Hypercars on car week. I was...
  7. NorCal Picked up 2/14

    After 1556 days later, it’s mine!!!! Dublin delivery RN1127445xx vin 14xx Pre ordered a few hours after announcement. Invite 12/8, Ordered 12/9, Vin 2/3, delivery scheduled and picked up 2/14. Drove about 100 mile (literally in circles) because of much I love it. - steering wheel adjustment...
  8. Powershare Home Backup eligibility email received today 1/29/24

    Just got my PowerShare home back up email. Does this have any correlation with an VIN assignment?
  9. 12/9 Orders Nor Cal VIN Waiting Room.

    Anyone else in NorCal still waiting for there VIN? RN112744, AWD, invite 12/8, ordered 12/9.
  10. Delivery location changed!!!

    Has anyone noticed that their Tesla location has changed? Mine originally was Sunnyvale (20 min away) but this morning it’s been changed to Fremont (10 min away). RN112744XXX, AWD, 12/9 Ordered.
  11. 2nd Install PowerShare Home backup email.

    Anyone else receive a 2nd email for Install Powershare Home Backup? I missed my 1st email and by the time I found it and tried to fill it out it, said link expired. RN11274, AWD, 12/09, Bay Area. Really hoping that this is a sign that VIN will get assigned soon.