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  1. Nationwide HOLD on all CyberTruck deliveries

    whatever it is, it was enough to halt pretty much all CT deliveries for the week
  2. Nationwide HOLD on all CyberTruck deliveries

    This is assuming we need 7000, if they track down the batch affected and narrow down which vins are affected, it may only be a few hundred but we won’t know until after the 20th when they offer a replacement. If it’s as simple as a bad batch, they could pull from other batches to fill the gap as...
  3. Nationwide HOLD on all CyberTruck deliveries

    For those with cancelled deliveries, what does it show in your Tesla app at the moment?
  4. I am in shock! Accelerator recall delays my original delivery tomorrow!

    We have the same delivery date! I am proactively reaching out to Tesla through the app to ask if this issue affects my delivery. I’ll post their response
  5. hot summer sun and heat from massive windshield?

    Tint the windshield? That’s what I’m planning on doing… 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Delivery scheduled! 1) RN11284 2) 1/18/2024 3) 3/27/2024 vin 5200s 4) 4/17/2024 5) CA - Long Beach AWD
  7. Passivating my Cybertruck

    On the same vein of thought, would there be a benefit to passivating your SS and then doing a ceramic coat on top of that? Or unnecessary?
  8. 4/6/2024 - Snapshot & Trends: Number of Cybertrucks @ GFTX - based on video - Thank you to Brad, Joe & Jeff !

    closer to 7k but yes recent weeks have seen a significant ramp up in manufacturing of CT
  9. Lightbar on Franz's Cybertruck looking integrated and super sleek Came across this… has a light bar option!
  10. Passivating my Cybertruck

    Would passivation of the SS be necessary if you plan on using a PPF wrap?
  11. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Have you tried calling 1-888-51-TESLA to get more info on your delivery?
  12. Cybertruck teething issues are real

    Okay... IMO, 23 issues are listed through this author's thorough research on the matter.... consider that maybe ~5500 CT are currently delivered (1000 awaiting delivery). Let's consider that maybe there are 5x as many issues as being shown on the forums. 115/5500 is around 2%. I would say this...
  13. Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes) UPDATE: FIXED

    Lol I still don’t understand why you are so bothered. If you followed the thread, the issue was identified and will be fixed. Again, there is no reason to display the skepticism you are displaying unless it is warranted. IMO, it wasn’t but that’s just my opinion. Time to issue a hall pass and...
  14. Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes) UPDATE: FIXED

    Makes sense to me, as more deliveries happen, more people are curious to look at and discuss these topics. I also have a relatively new account but that shouldn’t detract from my ability to engage in a meaningful discussion and learn from others. Your skepticism is misplaced, and there is no...