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  1. Elonmusk

    Lightbar spotted in the wild- Bay Area

    sweet, that's the one off of the tesla shop right?
  2. Elonmusk

    Two Tone Wrap (Black & White) Cybertruck!

    I agree should probably have flipped the colors
  3. Elonmusk

    First Cybertruck Custom Interior. Red Makeover by T Sportline

    Sweet, but why red? not silver or bronze?
  4. Elonmusk

    Cybertruck Cybertrax converted for sand & dunes use w/ sand paddles

    pretty sure this is a collab between the @deiselbrothers and @supercar_ron
  5. Elonmusk

    10 Cybertrucks at Tesla Delivery Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah

    That's Awesome, it seems like they've been ramping up the production quite a bit.