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  1. bongulous

    Franklin, Tennessee Tesla receives 30 CyberTrucks Today!

    More than likely they can’t talk about what’s being done. Probably under NDA or something of the sort.
  2. bongulous

    Delivery day cancelled in CA. Anyone have any insights?

    Damn seriously? Im planning on gunning my beast every chance I get lol. Hopefully it’s fixed by the time I get it.
  3. bongulous

    Franklin, Tennessee Tesla receives 30 CyberTrucks Today!

    That could definitely be a possibility too if they’re having their techs disassemble them. If I had to guess maybe they’re checking the 48v and harness issue that’s been one of the main problems. But definitely really interesting info. Good luck and hopefully all goes well on the trip, hope the...
  4. bongulous

    Franklin, Tennessee Tesla receives 30 CyberTrucks Today!

    Wow disassemble? That’s very interesting I wonder what they’re doing. But glad to hear you’re gonna be getting your CT extremely soon man! When’d you get your VIN and when was config date?
  5. bongulous

    Franklin, Tennessee Tesla receives 30 CyberTrucks Today!

    That’s gotta be the most I heard another state get besides the big 3! Production ramping up maybe?
  6. bongulous

    CyberBeast VIN Assigned!

    VINs in the 7000s now, exciting!! Congrats man hope you get it as soon as possible!
  7. bongulous

    Highest Reservation to receive VIN

    Agreed but unfortunately nothing we can do about it. Most of us have already waited 4+ years lol.
  8. bongulous

    Interior dash material

    Only the Cyberbeast comes with an alcantara (suede-like material) dashboard. AWD comes with your regular run of the mill dash material.
  9. bongulous

    Highest Reservation to receive VIN

    Highest I’ve seen was RN11297 but that means nothing really especially bc the CT was delivered to someone in California. Everyone else not in TX/CA/FL have a while to wait. Especially at similar RN’s.
  10. bongulous

    My Satin Black PPF wrap from T Sportline

    Satin has more of a sheen to it, matte is flatter
  11. bongulous

    12/8 CyberBeast waiting room

    Give the guy some time. He’s provided all of us with info that’s desperately needed that doesn’t exist anywhere else! Hopefully he’ll continue updating frequently but wouldn’t blame him if he wouldn’t since he got his new toy haha!
  12. bongulous

    Delivery milestones? 25K/50K/100K/200K

    We’ll have to wait and see the Q1 earnings report on 4/23. Hopefully some update and some news. Good or bad.
  13. bongulous

    12/8 CyberBeast waiting room

    The person who updates the site went to pick up his CT in Cali a couple days ago and is driving it back up Northeast. So will prob take some time updating everything.
  14. bongulous

    So F****** SALTY right now

    I know my CB is supposed to come late 2024 and I’ll wait for it patiently since I’ve waited over 4 years now… but I still can’t help check every day if by some God given miracle I received my VIN lol.
  15. bongulous

    Anti-theft insurance discount removed from Cybertruck

    That’s something you need to call State Farm for. Talk to your insurance agent and see if he has any answers. Keep us posted with any updates if you do!
  16. bongulous

    Cyberbeast Premium Accessories Foundation, Series Included

    If by any chance you remember, how soon after you did the PowerShare survey did you get your vin and delivery date?
  17. bongulous

    First (Private) Imported Cybertruck in Europe (Germany)

    LOL trust me man I know, I have a dual citizenship and all my cars in Europe have US plates. Much cheaper route and easier to deal with if you accumulate a lot of speeding tickets; I think you know what I’m getting at. 😉
  18. bongulous

    2024.8.9 Software Release Out

    I have but not in a truck and even though it’s impressive I never opted to have one bc of my familiarity with trucks. It might be lesser than a 360 camera but you still not only have 4 very clear cameras when parking but also still have your trusty side view mirrors. Regardless owning and...
  19. bongulous

    Cybertruck V2 Range 500-640 Confirmed Possible - Battery Compartment Space

    I mean if it is true that they could’ve potentially had 500+ miles in the CTs, they should’ve just released the initial AWDs this year and delayed the Beasts with the 500+ range in a later time. But this is implying they’re trying to be fair and not focusing fully on profits…
  20. bongulous

    First (Private) Imported Cybertruck in Europe (Germany)

    Will it even be legal in Europe? I’ve imported some of my trucks there and whenever I drive them in Europe I always get shit from the local police.