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  1. ELECFRESH | Bed Mat & Frunk Mat & Under-Bed Storage Mat

    SEND IT, Thanks!
  2. ELECFRESH | Center Floor Organizer

    Looks great. I am definitely interested in an early release if the price is reasonable.
  3. Question on Glossy Blank PPF Install and CT's sharp edges

    I am getting a few estimates from installers for a Glossy Black PPF install on my Cybertruck. The first installer brought up an issue with installing the ppf on the edges near the hood and the tailgate. He denoted that the PPF will not 'wrap around' the sharp edges and a small steel line will...
  4. North Carolina Cybertrucks?

    Raleigh CT delivered. It is amazing vehicle. Best driving Tesla yet,
  5. CB in NC for sale

    I believe the one in Raleigh is an AWD, not a beast.
  6. North Carolina Cybertrucks?

    I received my VIN earlier in week for delivery at the Raleigh SC. I am just waiting on Tesla to check and prep before scheduling delivery.
  7. Limit of 1 Foundation Edition per Account?

    Despite not being able to pre-order a FS edition, the Beast pre-order will stay in the backlog. I would not be surprised if Tesla revisits their decision on only "1" FS once they have no more FS orders.
  8. Limit of 1 Foundation Edition per Account?

    I had a similar situation. I reserved 2 and configured both a AWD model and a Beast, both with $1k deposits. Tesla contacted me in late December and indicated I can only reserved one Foundation Series. They indicated they would refund me the 1k which I finally received in February.
  9. Tesla's Cybertruck VIN Activation Tracker (NOT Customer VIN Allocations)

    Does anyone have an update on how is manufacturing going ? Are we still around 25-50 / day ? Has anyone taken drone footage of the outbound lots? Any VINs in 200x yet ?
  10. Center Rear View Mirror Removal - DIY How-to Instructions & Photos

    I have a similar questions as others, does the wire(s) on the review mirror have power?
  11. Starlink Home version?

    I have very poor cell coverage at my home and I use Starlink as backup internet for my Spectrum Service. I have a critical business need for internet access at home to be productive. Since my Spectrum services runs above ground, except in the neighborhood, on very old power polls, it goes...
  12. Can charging curve be improved with software?

    I would *assume* so, but I am not an authority to say yes or no. However, one data point would be did Tesla improve charging curves on other Tesla models in software? Did they do this on early Model X's?? If they are holding back, it may be for additional testing of the battery at high...
  13. Tesla's Cybertruck VIN Activation Tracker (NOT Customer VIN Allocations)

    I wish we knew how many Cybertrucks are going to employees. Tesla has 128k employees ? I suppose there are many other contractors? In addition, there is SpaceX and Starlink. I wonder if they all get priority ?? Despite the huge employee base, many of the employees in service, manufacturing...
  14. Noisy / vibrations on highway?

    I am interested to see how well the active noise canceling works. While it will not be as effective as AirPod Pros, I am curious of how well the engineering of the system eliminates noise and at what frequencies. Moreover, I wonder if we see additional aftermarket noise reduction kits like...
  15. Thinking about to cancel my Foundation AWD order

    It doesn’t hurt to ask for a refund or perhaps a credit towards a non-FS CT or another Tesla vehicle. Let us know the outcome should you choose to try and get a refund.
  16. Why can’t i sit in it!!!!???

    Will the Cybertrucks in the showroom of the service center actually be delivered as foundation series to customers ? That’s a very interesting suggestion. The question is also when? I would assume those would go employees that work at the service center ?? Are these models at the show room the...
  17. Tesla's Cybertruck VIN Activation Tracker (NOT Customer VIN Allocations)

    Agreed, this thread is key to having at least some insight to delivery timelines. They more that Tesla produces, the more likely regular customers start getting theirs. The question is how many were ordered by employees and when does Tesla flip deliveries from employees and VIPs to the rest of...