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  1. My Range Improved After Software Update 2024.8.7

    My truck was delivered a week ago with 2024.2.100 and has not been updated yet.
  2. Cybertruck delivered today in Las Vegas Nevada

    VIN just showed up in my app. No call or anything. Got the VIN on Wednesday car arrived Saturday and picked up Tuesday.
  3. Cybertruck delivered today in Las Vegas Nevada

    My truck which I ordered on 12/21 and received the VIN on 3/13 was delivered today. They Also delivered another gentleman’s truck at the same time at the Las Vegas East Sahara location.
  4. Cybertruck OWNERS List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    Got mine delivered today in Las Vegas, Nevada. 12/21 order date

    I tried to move it up to today or Monday but no luck I didn’t push it too hard.

    My truck arrived to Vegas yesterday doing delivery on Tuesday can’t wait.
  7. Tracking inbound truck

    My truck arrived yesterday and doing delivery Tuesday. At East Sahara location
  8. 3/14/24 - Brad Sloan Vid. ~260 CT at GFT

    I got my VIN number yesterday it is 38XX and another guy in Nevada got his VIN yesterday and it is 20XX crazy they could be that far apart on the same day. Almost makes you think they are not going in order.
  9. Cybertruck takeover! ~ 317 Cybertrucks at Giga Factory Texas

    I got my vin early this morning and was told my truck is still in Austin. I ordered 12/21. Hope it arrives soon
  10. Just got my VIN…higher # than all those posted in spreadsheet

    I am in Nevada and I got my VIN today and it is 38XX. Another guy in Nevada got his VIN last night and it is 20XX crazy to be that far apart.
  11. Tracking inbound truck

    I assume East Sahara but I don’t know yet
  12. Tracking inbound truck

    When are they doing delivery? If you VN yesterday
  13. Tracking inbound truck

    11276. They told me it was still in Austin as of this morning
  14. Tracking inbound truck

    I configured my truck on 12/21
  15. Tracking inbound truck

    I am in Nevada just a regular guy and secured my vin this morning. I’ve seen guys know that their truck is sitting at a rail yard etc. is there a way to find that information out? Or did they get lucky and get some information from somebody they know at Tesla? Getting close and very excited

    Did you get notified in the app that you had a VIN or did they just call you? I’ve been hearing a lot of people are getting calls but their app is not updated.