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  1. CyberRich

    Nationwide HOLD on all CyberTruck deliveries

    This service bulletin was added this week. Possibly the cause for the delay.
  2. CyberRich

    PowerShare Install Payment & Question

    Pay half now, the other half when the job’s complete. Generally excepted with tradesmen.
  3. CyberRich

    No creep mode?

    I missed creep mode at first, but have started to appreciate hold mode at traffic lights. Does make acceleration a little dicey when pulling all the way into the garage.
  4. CyberRich

    Official Tesla Cybertruck Pet Liner

    Just spotted this in the online store for $145. Fleece material may help keep the dog hair at bay. Comparably priced to this F150 door-to-floor liner I picked up from Amazon. Unzips for split seats is a nice bonus...
  5. CyberRich

    $130K BEAST… no homelink?

    I've used Homelink in all of my previous Teslas, but I have to say, switching to MyQ is an improvement because it actually knows whether the door is already open or closed.
  6. CyberRich

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Quite a dramatic first post.
  7. CyberRich

    With recent reports of CT issues, 2nd thoughts anyone?

    The small percentage of truck problems get amplified on the forum because that’s where you go when you are looking for help/support. There are thousands of CT owners like myself that drive everyday with no problems. As long as you have a backup ride then pull the trigger and enjoy the fun.
  8. CyberRich

    ELECFRESH | Center Floor Organizer

    Add a cupholder insert. You would think 2 cupholders would be enough up front, but my wife frequently shows up with 2 water bottles. Also convenient for those McDonalds runs when you need to stow 4 drinks.
  9. CyberRich

    EZ-Pass tag location

    Mine is suction cupped to the back of my screen at the base. Completely hidden.
  10. CyberRich

    Air suspension adjustment unavailable

    This error comes and goes. Air suspension has come back and works for a few days, and then I lose it for a day. Have not taken it to service yet because I don’t deem it critical and don’t want to give up my truck for and extended period of time.
  11. CyberRich

    Hazard lights STUCK ON & I cannot turn them off! 😮

    They should send mobile service to your house for this.
  12. CyberRich

    My Range Improved After Software Update 2024.8.7

    Make sure your software update setting = Advanced
  13. CyberRich

    CT unable to charge right after delivery and service is clueless too

    I have had to flip the breaker on the my home charger once to get the truck to charge. Would not charge my M3 either. It's possible the truck left the charger in an inconsistent state after unplugging from the previous charge. I've never had to do this before in the past 5 years. Feels like...
  14. CyberRich

    PowerShare install price / value

    I think it would only be fair for them to give you the equipment that you paid for. I'm sure they want to control the early installs. They did the same thing when the Wall Connector was introduced. It makes sense that they would eventually open this up to DIY and other installers.
  15. CyberRich

    PowerShare install price / value

    Not sure I understand why people are feeling ripped off. I think it was pretty obvious to the AWD buyers that the PowerShare install was going to cost around $4k given the Cyberbeast credit. I totally understand that many people won't get $4k value out of a setup like this. It is expensive...
  16. CyberRich

    Plaid (bank transfer software) sucks...

    Funny story… when I paid for my truck they asked me to use Plaid, so I tried it over my 5G connection and it was declined. My delivery advisor said “oh yeah, you should connect to our guest network and try again.“. That time it went through. If I was a conspiracy theorist I might think...
  17. CyberRich

    Electric Pickup Truck Range Test to Dead : Cybertruck vs. Lightning, R1T, Silverado (by Out of Spec)

    Do this test a year from now after the CT software and battery management have been optimized, and it will do even better. M3 range improved after the first year.