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  1. U92

    Why so much negative Cybertruck posts & news today?

    I get that its april fools but multiple cybertrucks are breaking down some 1 mile from delivery. Owners here wanting to sell it and can't News hits on tesla out of auatralia... Seems odd.
  2. U92

    Do I get a 2nd Cybertruck with my reservation or Invest in $TSLA for a year?

    So I reserved 2 cybertrucks the first week. I just ordered my cyberbeast. My other reservation I have the charge on my credit card but its possible my old non working email was what it was attached to. I wonder if I should call tesla now or just wait and invest in $TSLA stock which I think...
  3. U92

    Ordered FS Cyberbeast App fixed. Edit

    I ordered the FS cyberbeast yesterday. In the app I started the registration which is License and a selfie That completed but then its stuck and says We'll let you know if you;re eligible for home delivery when its time to schedule. But its grayed out so I can't click NEXT for a trade in...
  4. U92

    I got my Email for Foundation Series RN 11298

    After more than a 4 year wait I finally got the email. Was in Cali when ordered Nov 2019 but now in Oregon. I am still debating the 3 motor or 2 motor / FS or not. I can write off probably 38 grand in taxes via the 179 as it will be a business vehicle and then my state is tax free for vehicle...
  5. U92

    Would Updating My November 2019 reservation make it faster? I got 2 currently

    My reservation is 11298s for me, 2 reservations I reserved it on November 25th 2019. --I was living in California at the time, Now just north in the state of Oregon. Good for the tax benefit from buying the Cyber truck. --I did not have an address linked but bought some things. Last year I...
  6. U92

    Whoever ordered before Dec 2019 will bank $

    So if you ordered in NOV I think the Cybertrucks will be worth double or triple what people pay for them. I believe FOMO will kick in because its basically an aventador for 1/5 the price and its better lol. Its basically like buying 50k tesla stock in march. This is going to be one of the best...
  7. U92

    Help- I got 2 CT reservations but only can login to one.

    Hello I got two reservations for the Cybertruck back in November but used a different email now only one lets me login. I have a bunch of emails for work and never created an account with the 2nd one. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. U92

    Solution to prevent Electroinc hacking and theft.

    First Time post, Lurking for a while. Future Tri and Dual owner under 69k order So I have talked to my wife about it and others and people are afraid it can be hacked into and possibly stolen remotely. I have a solution. Just get a lift and park it on the lift with the tires off the ground...