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  1. Known-Background

    In PA what are the odds I get vin before June?!?

    Hello fellow cyber folks… I’m kinda in a situation now where I’m going to need this car as a lease on a different Tesla ends in June. I was hoping to be in the CT by now but I’m awaiting my vin since I placing my FS order 1/14. I’m way passed the estimated Jan-March timeframe I was given. Tesla...
  2. Known-Background

    Shouldn’t Cybertruck have 5G?

    Why doesn’t it? Won’t it suck when next year Tesla models get it and our most cutting edge tech truck, that I bought 2024 doesn’t have it?
  3. Known-Background

    Any Pennsylvania Vins?

    Any vins or signs that they are making their way this far north? Any images of them sitting in lots up here. I know there’s are some on display in PA. Just curious.
  4. Known-Background

    Great for TX. And CA but what about the rest of our orders?

    I’m not sure I’ve seen an estimate or discussion about this. What is the best guess for the spillover in production to other states( not including Florida for some reason). Is it once they hit a certain production rate that a percentage will be cleared to go to states other than TX and CA? Is it...
  5. Known-Background

    Does paying in full get you a VIN sooner?

    Once I had a Tesla rep tell me when I was waiting for my Y, way early first year of Y production, that changing my order to pay in full would get my vin the time I was waiting for the first batch of seven seaters. I wish we knew if the people with Trucks now took out loans or not. I...
  6. Known-Background

    How many FS are they making… is there a chance they cut us off and turn orders into Standard models?

    After earnings call I am confused. In this group alone we have over 1000 accepted invites and still Elon says they have almost sold out, meaning they are making way more than 1000 FS. So what is the target this year, 10k FS? Doesn’t seem as exclusive. Do you think there’s over 10k accepted...
  7. Known-Background

    How long would it take to trickle charge a Cybertruck?

    I’m just wondering, say I travel to a relatively remote location for the weekend and bring a mobile 110v charger. How much could I get per hour? Usually on my Y or 3 I get 5miles/hr. Does this mean the cyber truck will get like 2 or less? So where 10-15 hours of charging gets me 50-75 miles it...