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  1. iPhone not charging, and hot

    Same problem. I’ve heard it’s just with iPhones. Anyone know if there is a fix possible OTA?
  2. D-rings included in Foundation Series?

    The four vault floor were not installed
  3. D-rings included in Foundation Series?

    I took delivery and they were not installed. I took in for service and they advised they were back ordered. Not sure if that meant they didn’t have them at the factory to install or they are back ordered now to the service center.
  4. ELECFRESH | Center Floor Organizer

    Yes, Interested. Also like the idea of two addition cup holders as long as they were matching to the original two.
  5. Custom wheel Centercap design - 3D print your own

    Ordered the same thing and they were loose as well. Returned item.
  6. MKBHD Reviews Cybertruck... AGAIN!

    And front door subwoofers……
  7. Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Funny you say that. My rep said they learned a thing or two from me about the truck.
  8. Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    I got the VIN and delivery within a few days. It was pretty fast. Glendale, AZ has no interior space for deliveries, so it was just in a parking spot like picking up a model Y. Nothing special. No custom name plate, no merch, no goody bag, nothing.
  9. Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    I have a vin assigned and scheduled to take delivery tomorrow at Glendale AZ. The same company contacted me and asked for the same info. Yeti you must be days away from vin Honestly I am not sure if it has anything to do with it but I started visiting the delivery center and asking them to look...
  10. Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Visited Glendale, AZ again today. One truck on display inside that you can sit in. I was able to raise suspension height on this one. Three inside waiting to be prepared for delivery. Wondering where mine is still 🤔 RN112745233 order placed 12-21 (75days) 🤷🏼
  11. Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Yes. One was out front prepped for delivery. One was visible in the service area not prepped and a “few in the back” per sales staff all assigned VIN to someone. I asked them to look my info and they were hesitant and said they could lookup anything other than the date my order was placed. They...
  12. Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Please post when you hear anything. I’ll do the same. I visited Glendale,AZ service center yesterday afternoon (2-29). They have a Cybertruck on display in the showroom that you can sit in. Can’t turn up stereo or play with suspension height. Everything else was free game. They have 5+\- others...
  13. Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Congrats! Cant wait to see them in AZ. I shouldn't be far behind you! RN112745233 Got email & Ordered 12/21 Glendale,AZ
  14. 2nd Wave of Order Invitations Arriving❗️CHECK YOUR APP or TESLA.COM ACCOUNT

    RN 1274523X Ordered within minutes of launch (tri with FSD). Just got the order email. Arizona