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    Charging equipment included on day one (conflicting info)

    please someone fully explain. With the FSCT do I get a wall charger or not or do they give you a credit to buy one or do they give you nothing if you have a V3 wall charger. Everyone says something different. what do I get with the FS and what happens when I get a V3 universal charger before I...
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    In PA what are the odds I get vin before June?!?

    Thanks I guess I’ll wait I might call Tesla and see what happens.
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    In PA what are the odds I get vin before June?!?

    Hello fellow cyber folks… I’m kinda in a situation now where I’m going to need this car as a lease on a different Tesla ends in June. I was hoping to be in the CT by now but I’m awaiting my vin since I placing my FS order 1/14. I’m way passed the estimated Jan-March timeframe I was given. Tesla...
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    CT manufacturer flaw - Should I reject it?

    Reject and hopefully they give it to me.
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    Any Pennsylvania Vins?

    A few people got them more than two like the vin/delivery map is saying. They have all been through west Chester,Pa I still feel like it’s madness that Idaho and Montana are getting deliveries but not PA. Also the longer I wait the more the incentives on the model Y are calling out to me and...
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    Time to end the Foundation series.

    What Sarasota pic? I must have missed this can you share a link?
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    With recent reports of CT issues, 2nd thoughts anyone?

    I will have to drive over 150 miles from dealer/SC to home when my CT comes in because of my location ( should be in the next few weeks). I'm planning on not bringing my family. Although the recent news is freaky enough to make me feel even more justified not bringing them for their safety or...
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    Has anyone paid the $1K to configure the FS and then asked to pass when the pre-delivery tasks were ready to move forward on? Can you use the deposit?

    The money can go towards any Tesla. Otherwise it’s lost. You can get your original reservation money back the ~100 bucks. The 1k is gone unless you put it towards either the non-FS or any other current Tesla.
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    Two Tone Wrap (Black & White) Cybertruck!

    It’s a cyberorca…. The killer whale of trucks
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    Shouldn’t Cybertruck have 5G? they are already planning to do it.
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    Shouldn’t Cybertruck have 5G?

    Why doesn’t it? Won’t it suck when next year Tesla models get it and our most cutting edge tech truck, that I bought 2024 doesn’t have it?
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    Elon says "Production is ramping" and ~370 Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas 3/21/24

    And they are all heading to California and Texas!!! 🤬 when will this ramp trickle down to us with reservations in the other states!?!?!
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    Vinyl or PPF near Philly

    How is the truck holding up? Does the range and truck in general do well in the colder weather?
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    The Cheaper CyberTruck

    They’ve never had a tonneau to remove before. Not all Model Y’s come with the tail hitch or 7 seats.
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    Basecamp Installed 🏕️

    Thanks for sharing please put full set up when you can. My wife and I are eager to get this with CT
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    Any Pennsylvania Vins?

    Not other than the person that got one earlier in Feb. and started a post look for places to get moded…
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    Non-Foundation Series (still not) available to order

    It’s not really a 100k version basically they are making you buy FSD full price and PowerShare. And some other minor things. I think they need us to include these in the first trucks so they can train the AI with FSD and work out kinks in PowerShare.