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  1. CybertruckCovers saying hi! Introducing quick change reusable color cover kit & more parts / accessories for Cybertruck!

    Following as well, though I see deliveries are now targeted for ”mid to late summer.” I was hoping they were farther along and might be delivering in spring so we could see some honest reviews.
  2. Jan 14 CyberLandr update email

    I know these guys have suffered without a Cybertruck or detailed specs to make progress, but now that the product is real I do hope they share “real” updates soon with some more pics and videos.
  3. Two Tone Wrap (Black & White) Cybertruck!

    I want to do a two-color wrap but ONLY on the sail panels. Sail panels dark gray and white everywhere else. I’m not sure it’s even possible. But seeing this I’m not sure it will look that great. Here is my MS Paint sample of what I wanted. As you can see, I made it years ago on the original CT...