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  1. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    Extended Autopilot is the sweet spot for me. FSD is not for me at this point in time
  2. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    This article quotes the age of the average vehicle, not the time the original owner keeps it which is the discussion here because the value of FSD likely dies with the original owner's exit sale.
  3. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    There is darn near zero circumstance where you run out of $ in 5 years...even at $200/month. Where do you get your data on 12.5 years...
  4. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    Exactly but it will last longer than most will own the car
  5. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    Take the $12k and put it in a mere savings account and it will generate half your subscription cost monthly
  6. Just got a VIN!

    Arrrggghhhh. I was just now breaking the habit of checking for a VIN on my 2-23 reservation! Now, you've got me hooked again. I'm still counting on June though
  7. What’s the longest wait right now?

    What’s the shortest wait right now?
  8. What’s the longest wait right now?

    Deliveries seem to be picking up again.
  9. Cybertruck vs P85+ Dynamic mini Review

    Interesting. Glad you are enjoying it.
  10. How many People have Ordered in December and Still dont have a VIN?

    I just find the drive to/from Nashville to be more pleasant than the one to/from Atlanta. Additionally, the service department is much larger so my logic says they are more likely to get the truck right before I get it.
  11. How many People have Ordered in December and Still dont have a VIN?

    I asked them to change mine to Nashville but they won’t change it from Atlanta.
  12. Shout out to the Salt Lake Service Center!

    Always good to hear that they are willing to get the panels right. It drives me nuts when they say "within specs"
  13. April deliveries

    Have their been any recent drone reports?
  14. Cybertruck doing truck things. Post your photos!

    Hook that up to a generator and you could go coast to coast!
  15. ELECFRESH | Center Floor Organizer

    Nice work. I will consider when I finally get my truck.
  16. FSD 1 month trial -- my impressions

    I agree with your assessment. I have rented FSD a couple of times per year just to see how it's improving. V12 was a good step forward. I agree that it camps out in the left lane a bit too much. If you tell it to limit lane changes, it just camps even more. Ultimately, I would never pay...
  17. Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes) UPDATE: FIXED

    I'm wondering if this is a part issue or an assembly issue.