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  1. Current Mileage and Driveability Issues (if any)

    Anyone with a VIN above 4000, have any issues with PCS, charging, tonneau, etc ? i know some of the PCS issues and tonneau buttons had isssues just curious if they been ironed out yet
  2. New TSB Service Bulletin - Frunk Seal (Retrofit Frunk Aero Seal)

    Just Posted Yesterday
  3. Out of state delivery

    just curious from someone that has done it, if i wanted to lets say use my son's address in Florida to take delivery does tesla allow that ? do they require a valid ID from the other state or what hoops did you need to jump through or things you have to provide them to change your...
  4. Pebble Flow EV trailer reservation placed

    just had to, because waiting on my truck isnt stressful enough:
  5. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    VIN Details and National Map are now on my new site:
  6. "Activated" States

    From my records the following are the only states that have had VIN assignments or Deliveries occur. let me know if you have evidence of any others @greggertruck
  7. VIN Assignment Tracking Sheet

    I am currently working on a new sheet that puts everyone's order date, VIN date, delivery date, Days since each status and the average days for all in 1 place. i am manually going through all the threads and finding places where people post about getting a VIN and updating their name on my copy...
  8. January 9th Waiting Room (NON TEXAS OR CALIFORNIA)

    AWD Dual Motor RN11282 in Massachusetts Got configure email on january 9th, completed it ASAP. Waiting on VIN