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  1. RN1130’s Order Confirmed: Here we go, folks!

    Well I am getting more excited waiting for the email. My res is 11303**** Let’s hope the ramp it up a little more each week.
  2. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Maybe he thought he had FSD.
  3. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Funny we haven't heard much from the original poster of the incident! No diagram, no data, no fault! Only his...
  4. Best color/finish for a NeverWash™

    Yellow. An old customer of mine had a Chrysler New Yorker in yellow. He Never washed it and it always looked really nice and clean. I don't know if you can check color charts but the year was about 1989.
  5. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Back in 1991 I had a gas station next to my business. I called to see how things were going and my manager said we got a drive thru. Customer next door put his car in drive instead of reverse. Went right int the storage room area through a guardrail. Half the car was inside my place. 67,000...
  6. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Still no diagram. Perhaps the CT was super cold and reg braking is very light. But to not brake ? Let’s see the diagram
  7. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    A diagram would help explain why the light pole was on the opposite side of the truck that was hit. But ya speed probably has a lot to do with it. Speed is the cause of most accidents/incidents
  8. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    I wonder how you ended up over the sidewalk and into the pole? Are you going to blame the steer by wire? How did you hit the drivers front corner if you were steering? I haven't seen a diagram of the accident area but I just don't see how you hit the front left corner with a pole on the right...
  9. RN1130’s Order Confirmed: Here we go, folks!

    I'm 113003 ! wow we get a trial FSD in our Y and hopefully the CT is not far away.....very exciting. I think in Cleveland OH they have only delivered a couple from what I gathered after my visit to Lyndhurst las week. Looking forward to seeing the invite in my email. I did send in my...
  10. EZ-Pass tag location

    When I get my CT in ‘29 (LOL) I’ll putnin on the back of the screen also. Thanks. Hopefully I’ll get mine before November this year. Fingers crossed with my early investor app turned in
  11. License plate bolt size?

    why you ask....not everyone has a hardware store , Lowes or Home Depot just around the corner.
  12. License plate bolt size?

    It would be a lot easier if the manufacturers would just include 4 with delivery o the vehicle. I use ss on my Y 5 mm I believe. but I had to drive to the hdwre store to get them. I would have like not to have to go and get them. I would rather the maker have added $5 to the cost of my car.
  13. My CyberTruck got sideswiped: What’s next?

    I know how you feel. We picked up our MY on Wednesday and on Sunday coming home from church a lady on her phone hit us from behind on the highway on the drivers rear corner. It put us into a skid. Luckily i was able to steer out of the skid and no one else hit us. Of course she took off and...
  14. Snow Plow

    Polyurethane edge solves that and wear less
  15. Cybertruck Tailgate Ramp used for loading ATV onto bed

    Yea free with Foundation Series I agree but I’ll use my tri fold ramp I have on hand
  16. Snow plowing

    I plowed commercially for 27 years. I used F250’s Tundra’s and Jeep Wrangler. I had 55 accounts and had three other drivers. I am ready to sell my last business and then I won’t need a plow. But if I need a plow I’ll use the Boss back drag plow. Probably 12’ until I no longer need it. If I...
  17. Snow plowing

    rear hitch drag/push plow
  18. Cybertruck Tailgate Ramp used for loading ATV onto bed

    I saw the ramps. $300 for each ramp? $600 a set and they fold up to fit in the storage area under the bed. But do both fit in there? Once the ATV is in the bed how do you store the ramps to take with to unload? Just wondering because a trifold from Cabelas at less than half the price does the...
  19. Cybertruck is at the Cleveland Auto Show

    no..... patiently waiting inpatiently I'm around 275,000