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  1. Chevy Silverado EV RST functionality (tailgate, rear window, midgate, range, HUD) blows away Cybertruck

    Great! Im a chevy man..but i still love go ahead and get the chevy and its attempt at EV
  2. Delivery pickup - Things I know now, that you should too.

    What is the total price including all taxes and fees in California for the foundation really close and want to secure my funds beforehand.thanks
  3. ❗️ASKING Tesla CYBERTRUCK Owners Their Monthly PAYMENT (& Income)

    Yeah use credit card to make payments and get airline miles!
  4. ❗️ASKING Tesla CYBERTRUCK Owners Their Monthly PAYMENT (& Income)

    Retired..using my UPS stock to pay cash..lifes too short to deny myself some fun..saving for my kids? Hell no they make 5x the money i when i go they get my house and savings and my 7 vehicles..8 if you count the Cybertruk..if i ever get it!!
  5. TFL tests CT towing

    Then don't buy one! Don't bash the CT because you don't like what you read.once you see one in person,, itsWOW!,its beyond different. Just like cell phone..oh it a fad.. now look. Everybody has one..
  6. Okay, who has 2 on order?

    I have 3 on order..single motor ordered nov 2019..well during reveal last month,realized single is YEARS DOWN THE ROAD if at all.not crazy about the price increase but after the latest reveal i thought.I NEED THE DUAL MOTOR!! PLUNKED DOWN MY 250 AND HIT would not submit because it...
  7. I ordered a CyberTruck 4 years ago, why don’t I receive an invite to purchase?

    I wish..didnt want to chance being left out so i ordered 2 dual motors on dec23 reveal wayyyy down
  8. My Cybertruck VIN has been assigned (non-employee)! 🙌

    Got my vin yesterday..80 miles from Fremont..sooo lined up.paying cash..
  9. New official promo video: Cybertruck in <60 secs

    Theres companies that dump dirt in your driveway! Only dirt i haul will be bags from to the wifes plants..then ill let her clean out the bed🤣
  10. Thinking about to cancel my Foundation AWD order

    Dogs and a in!! Lifes to short..Eat the cake,buy the the CT!!
  11. Why can’t i sit in it!!!!???

    Check out stats posted couple of weeks ago.interior space is comparable to an avalanch..passenger area is close in size to tacoma..go sit in those at dealerships to see if your body would fit inside.
  12. Thinking about to cancel my Foundation AWD order

    EXACTLY! Nobody is forcing you to buy it.its basically need/ want.its a toy! Do you need it? Or do you want it..I WANT IT! TAKE MY 20K EXTRA..
  13. Thinking about to cancel my Foundation AWD order

    Bring me the china land if you realy have it. I reserved 2 dual motors on reveal day dec4.they were 3 minutes apart..their rerervation #s are 3k apart! 3000 in 3 minutes! Probably slower now but 3k in 3 minutes! Thats insane.
  14. YouTuber (Tesla Employee) picks up his Cybertruck in Austin and driving to CA

    Make another video and tell us which stops you are going to.your post was too fast and short