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  1. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck Windshield Glass spotted in new Tesla glass video?

    Cybertruck window at 1:22. Let the comments roll :)
  2. VI Tesla

    Exoskelton fake news?

    Pretty sure that by having floor costing front, back or middle does not preclude the exoskeleton design. The truck would require some sort of floor. If the entire truck was a casting it would still be an exoskeleton...
  3. VI Tesla

    First Cybertruck Deliveries Will Be Early 2022 - Per Email to Reservation Holders Pushing For Leasing of Other Teslas

    Anyone on the forum get an e-mail? I know that I've read a number of you have been tossing around the idea. Might be worth a call to see what kind of deal you can make? Some of the lease toward paying the CT, make sure the lease ends when you take delivery of CT, etc. Would be curious what...
  4. VI Tesla

    TSLA will join S&P 500 on December 21! Finally This'll be interesting to see how it will practically roll out! 'But adding Tesla is no easy feat after the stock’s record run pushed the company’s market valuation above $380 billion, making it...
  5. VI Tesla

    New steering wheel hint?

    Possible hint a new steering wheel? Was looking at article for Model S update and saw this new wheel concept. Personally wouldn't mind a few controls in the middle of the wheel. Not a bad spot for a...
  6. VI Tesla

    Smart watch

    This looks interesting. Tesla partnering or buying smart watch company. Scenarios -kids can summon CT to school at end of day to bring them home then comes back to office for end of day. -so you don't have to take phone with you all the time -maybe it is a cell phone too (super tiny) Any other...
  7. VI Tesla

    Happy Elon Musk day

    Tesla community bands together on #ElonMuskDay in celebration of his contributions to humanity 4/20/2020 as #ElonMuskDay I support this.
  8. VI Tesla

    Tesla Badge

    Could someone please forward to Elon? As the CT is to be a clean stainless finish, how about laser etching the Tesla badge on to the truck. 1. helps with errant drag ( I know ridiculous excuse) 2. no ones going to steal your badge 3. there was talk of laser wipers and your laser light bar, just...
  9. VI Tesla

    Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S

    Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S Anyone see this article? While I'm...%80 sure Tesla will make it right. This is the type of scenario that would totally piss me off and may change my mind about getting FSD for the CT. My wife drives a Model 3 standard range plus (no...
  10. VI Tesla

    Tail gate without support cables?

    Question, does anyone know how the tailgate on the Cybertruck works? It doesn't have support cables. Obviously it does work to an extent, as they drove that ATV into it. Just curious.
  11. VI Tesla

    Incentive Lobbying

    Hello All, I recently contacted the Canadian EV incentive program about having pickup trucks add to the program. Response is as follows: For vehicles to become eligible automakers must apply to have themselves added to our list of eligible vehicles. As of right now none of the automakers have...
  12. VI Tesla

    Easter Eggs

    Only my opinion, but as Mr. Musk is of my generation first thing I thought of when I saw the strip headlight was, you gotta make an easter egg where the head light pulses back and forth Cylon style from Battlestar Galactica. If they could make the sound outside the truck to go with it, even...