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  1. Rumor: 10,000 Cybertruck orders placed per day (since delivery event)

    I just heard 10,000 orders a day for CT since the delivery launch. I can’t get my soon enough.
  2. CyberTruck home charger

    I would like to know what charger we will use for the CT when charging at home. I would like to have my charge installled and ready to go. Tesla charger on Amazon for $375 seems like a deal. Should I purchase one or wait to see what they announce the CT requires for home charging?
  3. Configuration? When?

    We have been waiting a long time for our CT's. I am now getting anxious to receive my notice for configuration. If they start to manufacture in the second quarter don't you think they would be getting the first 100,000 -250,000 configurations finalized. I hope to get something soon after the...
  4. Snow plowing

    I plow snow and so do a lot of other contractors with 3/4 ton trucks (F250s). Will this unit be able to have a plow mounted to it and what is the “mileage”adjusted for plowing? I plan on adding a plow if possible even just to do a few driveways