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  1. Gvardaman

    Behind-Screen Accessory Storage w/Cybertruck Logo

    I would think you could use the bottom of a suitcase for this. The dash is so large!
  2. Gvardaman

    Universal Charger Delivery & Install

    I only have one quote and a second electrician I contacted has a form that also asks for the measurement from the breaker box to the installation point for the cost of wire estimate. I agree it sounds like a lot and I already considered buying and running my own wire and conduit, since this...
  3. Gvardaman

    Cybertruck Tailgate Removal & Installation DIY

    Yes, I think they have them at Pep Boys. oh, maybe not.
  4. Gvardaman

    Cybertruck Tailgate Removal & Installation DIY

    Here’s another, from Harbor Freight:
  5. Gvardaman

    Universal Charger Delivery & Install

    As I understand it, the Foundation editions come with both types of chargers. when I added on to my home, we put in a new breaker box and the old one was kept as a sub box. So hopefully there will be enough space fot the charger as well as an electric tankless water heater. I am already...
  6. Gvardaman

    DELIVERED! North Texas

    “Terrible idea” “ … scammer” “… total moron” “Way too expensive!” “Sell all your Tesla stock and leave this forum” - Yikes. You know what? Just Don’t take the deal if it isn’t to your liking. There...
  7. Gvardaman

    Optimus Bot Gen 2 Introduced! 🦾

    Amazing! Smooth movement, getting faster and more “self-assured” looking. It’s incredible given the briefamount of time this has been in development. I am as excited about this as the Cybertruck!
  8. Gvardaman

    Are you planning to get the bolt-on Molle panels?

    It looks cool and even without being a standard, it would be useful to tie stuff down with Velcro straps, etc. I agree that there will be plenty of aftermarket manufacturers making parts once there are more Cybertruck in the wild. The panels are fairly simple, flat plates with the attachment...
  9. Gvardaman

    Are you planning to get the bolt-on Molle panels?

    The Molle panels are available for the sides and a bed divider, but I have never used them before. Anyone getting these? How will you configure it/them?
  10. Gvardaman

    Anyone seen the tow hitch or lack thereof?

    So do you need to pull the cover to use it… and this is what it will look like?
  11. Gvardaman

    Did I miss the onboard air compressor? Is it there?

    Yeh, I am thinking the one in the store is like the repair kit I bought for our model 3; small can of sealant and a tiny 12v com-resort. I thought this was going to have one on-board we could acces for tools and such?
  12. Gvardaman

    Anyone seen the tow hitch or lack thereof?

    Has anyone seen the rear end well enough to tell what is needed for towing? Do we need just the hitch ball? The tongue and ball? The whole assembly?
  13. Gvardaman

    Did I miss the onboard air compressor? Is it there?

    So, maybe I have just missed it, but is there an on-board ir compressor? Wasn’t that a proposed addition? it’s not a deal breaker for me and when I reserved there was no rear wheel steering, so I feel that’s more than a fair trade, just curious…
  14. Gvardaman

    Lidar sensor spotted on Cybertruck prototype

    I would think that with the recent spate of new pics, more people have been drawn in (or back in) to the CT discussion and are discovering the existing images. This pic looks good since it has the wiper arm, so folks unaware of the newer mirrors may believe it to be new.
  15. Gvardaman

    [Video Added!] Cybertruck spotted with new side mirror design! Musk confirms removable (Feb 1, 2023) 📸

    I agree that these betas are likely being used for testing HW4, which explains them being in Northern California. Elon has also been up there for the trial. If they are testing out HW4 and possibly other systems on these, I can see them not being concerned about the center taillight or the BAW...
  16. Gvardaman

    Elon: Cybertruck will have Autopilot HW4. Production still coming in Summer. Beta Cybertrucks coming next month. CT will be Musk's personal vehicle

    Yeah, my wife is also not fond of the look. I am one of those who planned to use my stock gains to purchase my CT. So, now I am hoping for enough of a delay for the stock to recover, lol! Also, since the configurations have changed, everyone will need to go in and change their order, especially...
  17. Gvardaman

    OG Cybertruck Bed Dimensions Measured at Petersen Exhibit!

    Not to be the grammar police, but I need to make one correction: instead of saying “you’re hoping…” I think it is more accurate to say “you’re dreaming…” They need to keep it simple to get it ramped up and fulfill potentially over a million orders. They already have multiple motor...
  18. Gvardaman

    DMG MORI machine @ Giga Austin is for Cybertruck!

    Guys, if they are digging a big hole, maybe they are planning to bury something… Or someone? When seeing the remark about the CNC, my first thought was for cutting SS panels prior to folding. Also, they could simply be increasing capacity for the Model Y, or additional presses might...