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  1. Devix

    Solid state batteries, Is Tesla close to market?

    Probably in April, during the Battery Day, Elon will announce the improvements achieved but in my opinion he will speak about dry electrolyte. It seems that solid state is still not reliable enough for EV. No doubt that Tesla is working on it.
  2. Devix

    Potentially, Tesla can create a Cyber-based vehicle line. I'm pretty sure that after the CT will be released, Elon will present a smaller version, as anticipated and starting from that, maybe developing other vehicles.
  3. Devix

    Video: Primer on electric vehicle charging. How long does it really take?

    Nice video. After 2 years of Model S, let me say: it depends!!! You will never (or a few times) get home with 0% battery and never need 100% the morning after. When you travel and charge at Tesla Supercharger stations, mostly you don't need to charge up to 100%, but you need the charge to reach...
  4. Devix

    Is regen based on motors?

    Correct, if you have only the rear motor, the regen applies only on it. My Model S 85 worked like that.
  5. Devix

    Cybertruck Financing - Current Tesla owners chime in (please)

    From my experience with 2 Model S, I think that the best way to buy a Tesla is by leasing with the option to give it back at the end. Assuming a 5-year lease, you don't know how much the technology is leaping forward in 5 years. For Tesla, 5 years are like 30 years for legacy car companies. At...
  6. Devix

    Where will Cybertruck be produced?

    For sure it will be produced in the US, at least in the beginning. I read it in a Tesla report, but I don’t remember where. So far, China and Europe are focused on 3 and Y.
  7. Devix

    Where will Cybertruck be produced?

    The Cybertruck will be produced in the Fremont factory.
  8. Devix

    Possible Side Step Idea.

    Model X and S are very responsive. You can also set gps location for certain suspension heights
  9. Devix

    Oversized parking in the city?

    I totally agree with you. you should be flexible
  10. Devix

    Solar panels

    My opinion is that solar doesn’t work for EVs. 1m2 of solar can provide 200W. In the best case, in 10 hours of sun, you will have 2kW. Assuming that you can use 2m2 on a vehicle, it’s 4kW. For the Cybertruck it means roughly 16km... maybe good for camping, but not for moving. It depends on the cost.
  11. Devix

    Possible Side Step Idea.

    I think that the air suspension are enough. I have the JGC with air suspension too and it works pretty well. The Cybertruck will be much more adjustable.
  12. Devix

    First experience at Tesla dealership drove away unsuccessful and very turned off

    So happy for you at the end, but re-think about your experience. If you want to buy another F-250, do you go to a store or to a service center? Maybe the tone was wrong, but the answer was correct. Enjoy your car!!!
  13. Devix

    Versatility? This ain't a truck.

    I don't really care about what the Cybertruck really is. I'll use it as an SUV and its "being nothing but everything" will crush the market.
  14. Devix

    Engineering analysis of Cybertruck exoskeleton / body shell

    This is why the design can't be changed. Brilliant analysis. This is a masterpiece of auto engineering and people who criticize the Cybertruck didn't realized that,
  15. Devix

    Trimotor or Dual motor????

    The dual is enough, but the range of the tri is a breakthrough. 500mi on that beast???
  16. Devix

    Do you think battery mileage will increase?

    The "problem" with electric vehicles is that adding power is quite easy and cheap, but adding range is way more expensive.