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  1. Dazajj

    Cybertruck come with a home charge?

    Mine only came with the mobile charger… just want to make sure before i spend $600 on one tomorrow. Thanks!
  2. Dazajj

    Cybertruck Stolen... in my 🛌 😴

    In my dream last night, the night before i pick it up. Woke up stressed the fuck out!!! 😅 Cybertruck anxiety dreams are so real. lol. My wife on the other hand, dreamt that we ended up doing a photo shoot at the dealership and there was dancing and what not. 😭😭
  3. Dazajj

    CT Delivery Outfit

    Am i a tool for purchasing a specific outfit that i wanted to wear when i pick up my CT!? lol. IDGAF, I’m going to be a badass for a single day!!!. lol
  4. Dazajj

    How to get a VIN assigned to you.

    You gotta have an edible and be too high to enjoy and celebrate your VIN assignment. That’s what i had to do to get a VIN. Say no to drugs kids. #Neveragain.
  5. Dazajj

    VIN assigned!!!! Raleigh, NC get wild

    Finally. I can finally stop being saltyAF in this forum. I want to thank all who have supported my rants. Much love.
  6. Dazajj

    Raleigh, NC Deliveries begin

    1 CT has been delivered. 3 more at SC awaiting to be picked up. My CT nowhere to be found. lol. #anydaynow. 3/17 UPDATE- Looks like i'm taking delivery on Thursday per sales rep. He said my CT in enroute to NC. He also mentioned that they're expecting like 20 more CTs in Raleigh before the...
  7. Dazajj

    So F****** SALTY right now

    The way my order is getting skipped right now, by people that reserved and ordered way after i did, it’s really rubbing me the wrong way!!! FFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!! There’s no reason why folks in the mid-Atlantic region are getting screwed this hard!!! Rant over.
  8. Dazajj

    Powerwall Install notification- VIN Assignment?

    Do we know if there is a correlation between being reached out to by a power wall installer and Tesla assigning a VIN? This was the email. Subject: Your Tesla Cybertruck Installation Hi Jaime. Tesla has asked us to reach out to you about your Cybertruck install to share more details and get...
  9. Dazajj

    Changing your delivery location

    It seems that some of the smaller SCs are currently not getting trained for the CT. Does anyone know a number that i could call so i can change my delivery location? I’m more than happy to take delivery 2.5 hours away in Charlotte since it seems that Raleigh’s weak ass SC is not getting the CT...
  10. Dazajj

    I dreamt i received my VIN

    And delivery was 2 days later. Woke up, checked app. Nothing. 😭😭😭
  11. Dazajj

    So over checking everyday…

    My excitement is starting to become annoyance… multiple checks everyday to see that nothing changes. So annoyed right now
  12. Dazajj

    How many weekly VIN assignments?

    Do we have an idea on about how many VINs are being assigned weekly? Doesn’t seem like very many at all… has it just been one initial wave of VINs assigned thus far?
  13. Dazajj

    How many employees will purchase FS CTs?

    What do we think that number is? Trying to figure out when we can expect for the rest of us to get our FS orders..
  14. Dazajj

    Foundation Series Cybertruck Invites still going out?

    Are order invites still going out for FS CTs?
  15. Dazajj

    Why can’t i sit in it!!!!???

    Blows my mind that at the dealerships we still can’t get close enough to the CT to get a better look. You would think that at the very least if you have a FS order in, they would let you check it out. Such BS. And the guy in the Charlotte Tesla was a complete tool. Wanted to punch his stupid...
  16. Dazajj

    YouTuber (Tesla Employee) picks up his Cybertruck in Austin and driving to CA

    Looks like he picked it up in Austin and is driving back to CA. Wonder if we’ll get that option.. I wouldn’t mind flying down and driving it up to NC.
  17. Dazajj

    Just missed a call from Tesla re: my Cybertruck orders

    Damn i missed the call, called them back, and couldn’t get a hold of the rep that called me. Now I’m just waiting here for a call back…. Any ideas on what’s happening here!!? VIN has not been assigned yet
  18. Dazajj

    Video of Cybertruck sound system in action?

    Do we have any videos showing the sound quality of the CT? Obviously a video won’t fully capture the quality, but it would still be nice to have a video of the sound system in action!
  19. Dazajj

    Ordered 2 Foundation Series CTs. How to transfer one to a friend?

    in 2019 i accidentally reserved two CTs due to the website lagging... now here we are, I have two FS CTs ordered... My friend payed for the second 1000 order fee... How do we get it transferred into his account? I'm hoping that since he payed the deposit, Tesla will allow us to do a quick...