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  1. Gvardaman

    Are you planning to get the bolt-on Molle panels?

    The Molle panels are available for the sides and a bed divider, but I have never used them before. Anyone getting these? How will you configure it/them?
  2. Gvardaman

    Anyone seen the tow hitch or lack thereof?

    Has anyone seen the rear end well enough to tell what is needed for towing? Do we need just the hitch ball? The tongue and ball? The whole assembly?
  3. Gvardaman

    Did I miss the onboard air compressor? Is it there?

    So, maybe I have just missed it, but is there an on-board ir compressor? Wasn’t that a proposed addition? it’s not a deal breaker for me and when I reserved there was no rear wheel steering, so I feel that’s more than a fair trade, just curious…
  4. Gvardaman

    Does anyone think All wheel Steering will be available on all models?

    I am on the list for a dual motor and I am still fine with that, but the four wheel steering seems like a nice feature. I feel like this will only be offered on the highest-end model at a nice premium. Does anyone have a reason to think otherwise? Maybe it will be easier to add the AWS hardware...
  5. Gvardaman

    What steering wheel would you like to see?

    I really like the yoke style steering wheel on the Cybertruck prototype, but I realize that it is not entirely practical for everyday driving. I like the new Audi steering wheel, it has some style to it, but still looks practical. I don’t know what else is out there that might be a contender...
  6. Gvardaman

    Carpool to Texas?

    I have been thinking it would be fun to go to Texas to pickup my Cybertruck when it is ready. Then, I would drive it back to California. This would be more fun in a convoy of Cybertrucks, but the logistics seem like they would be tough to work out. I don’t know if there will be a large enough...
  7. Gvardaman

    Why no HUD? (On any Tesla?)

    I always expected my next car (or vehicle) would be electric and have a head-up display. After watching Tesla and determining that I wanted one, I was surprised there was no HUD option. Even worse, the display is offset, forcing you to look away from the road for any information. Now the...