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  1. sstevens805

    My Cybertruck is Delivered Today January 11!! (non-employee) 👍 First Impressions + Photos 📸

    Congratulations! How does the seat back angle of the back seats compare to a Y (I believe I read that's what you had/have)? I'm concerned about back passenger comfort during longer rides. Comfortable enough for passengers to fall asleep in?
  2. sstevens805

    Cybertruck in 3M Satin Gold Dust Black wrap

    WOW! This is a great looking color, need more sunlight photos!
  3. sstevens805

    Noisy / vibrations on highway?

    I thought it was going to be more quiet than other Teslas due to the active sound canceling setup?
  4. sstevens805

    Satin White vs. Satin Black Cybertruck

    Those wheels help the satin white a lot. The one with the transporter wheels looks like it would come with a cloth bench and 4" screen. Still, Satin Black is better than Satin white. Gloss black is best but can't wait to see blue
  5. sstevens805

    Cybertruck Highway Range Test (Dual-Motor AWD) -- Run Until Battery Empty (by Out Of Spec)

    Damn, when you put it that way . . . Almost sounds like you're playing cyber mind games to get me to cancel! You can have my reservation when you pry it from my cold rolled stainless steel hand which Neuralink might debut by the time my reservation is called up
  6. sstevens805

    Satin White Cybertruck Wrap! With Aftermarket 20" TCT Flow Forged Wheels + Falken Wildpeak AT4/W Tires

    If this would have been what was shown in November of '19 I would have laughed and made fun of it. That looks like an unfinished preschool project. Amazing what color, wheels, and ride height can do.
  7. sstevens805

    Any Interest in a Cyber-Suburban or Cyber-Van?

    I'd prefer the SUV to the CT. If the X was more trucklike it would be perfect for me.
  8. sstevens805

    Lockers confirmed but not yet available! "Locking Differential Controls Coming Soon"

    I'd try to bargain with them. Maybe they could swap that functionality with FM Radio and Apple Music. I'm willing to sweeten the deal and thrown in the seatbelt reminder.
  9. sstevens805

    Cybertruck Maroney Window Sticker shows it's the most American-made truck 🇺🇸

    They need to capitalize the most American truck point. That would open a lot of eyes. Something ridiculous with eagles, red, white, and blue smoke, guns, bbq etc.
  10. sstevens805


    So how would one do that? I just found out last week that my brother has a 112 RN and was going to let it go, but he'll give it to me so I can get my CT earlier.
  11. sstevens805

    PPF install on Cybertruck hood & doors (STEK DYNOchrome-black matte PPF)

    This must be one of those "it looks way different in person" mods because it looks the exact same to my untrained eyes
  12. sstevens805

    35% tint windows on Cybertruck -- “easiest to tint out all Teslas”

    I think the windshield might be more difficult to tint than other Teslas
  13. sstevens805

    Boat Package coming for Cybertruck! -- Will traverse at least 100m of water as a boat 🌊

    Is that miles or meters lol? Everyone is different and has different needs, but I can't understand why anyone would want to do this?
  14. sstevens805

    Tesla Inductive Charging Pad (wireless) is in development!

    We're getting closer to my favorite toy as a kid. If they can get the loops built maybe I'll spring for the beast :unsure:
  15. sstevens805

    Leno's Cybertruck Deep Dive Video... Sueded Steering Wheel + Wade Mode Driving in 2.7' Water + Light Bar Prewire

    I wasn't old when they announced it back in '19, now my kids are telling me I grew up in the late 1900's. Bastards . . .
  16. sstevens805

    Sueded steering wheel discovered! Will be option for top two Cybertruck trims

    The laugh emoji didn't go hard enough. I'm choking over here
  17. sstevens805

    Sueded steering wheel discovered! Will be option for top two Cybertruck trims

    This is great for those cold, Northeastern mornings. I wonder if there is an UGG version for the Starbucks/stretchy pants crowd.
  18. sstevens805

    Sueded steering wheel discovered! Will be option for top two Cybertruck trims

    Can we call it a whoke (wheel + yoke) for the pearl clutching factor?