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  1. Cebliminal

    Cybertruck hysteria

    I will tell you I have two Cybertrucks on order, since the unveiling it was a lot of excitement and researching everything I could find over the yearrrrssss. But at this point I’m just not as excited anymore. I guess the long ass wait, I hope it won’t be like buying a new gun, some kind of new...
  2. Cebliminal

    by the time manufacturing starts

    I look at what the competition is coming up with in the electric pickup arena and they are starting to make cyber truck look dated and not so futuristic. i cant understand how the other manufactures are beating Elon out of the gate. im sure most that have one reserved Will be staying Tesla is...
  3. Cebliminal

    Porsche fast?

    Why will the Tesla cybertruck dual motor only have a rated top speed of 120 mph but is porsche fast? the F-150 venom 775 has a EST top speed of 165 mph Standard Ford F-150 5.0-liter has an EST top speed of 130 mph