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  1. BigAl

    Keeping Cybertruck clean w/ Bar Keepers Friend + Windex...

    I think this combo did a Great job unifying all the panels together... now how do you seal it?!?
  2. BigAl

    Cybertruck hauling 1800lbs of drywall!

    Amazed at how fast the suspension recovered
  3. BigAl

    Tint install video: 50% tint on windshield + 40% tint on rear side windows of Cybertruck

    Not sure if this has been posted already, but here is a good video of what it takes to tint the front windshield and side windows of the CT.
  4. BigAl

    Steer by Wire... Steer by Braking??

    I need help understanding this. In the newly released Top Gear interview @ 14:44, he mentions all the new tech that had to be implemented into the CT. He said "...Steer by Wire, Steer by braking..." Do any of you think he meant to say " Steer by wire, Brake by wire??? Just asking...
  5. BigAl

    Golf bag size!!!

    Soooo.... How about that frunk!!! Someone please post the vid here.
  6. BigAl

    What Wall Charger to Buy???

    So you know how Elon stated that it is better to have everything set up and installed (The wall charger) before you get your CT... well as looking into it I noticed all the talk about going to different voltage system and possibly a version 4 charger for the CT... That kinda goes against being...