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  1. GLOSS BLACK Cybertruck completed - first look video

    It looks like a modernized murcielago. Like if lamborghini made a pickup. What the urus was supposed to look lile
  2. Rumor: Foundation Series Expanded to 20,000 Units (Claims Phone Customer Service Rep)

    i ordered a tri motor (rn133-) if i'm offered a foundation series id have a very hard time passing that up.. by the way, GM dealership is now offering MSRP pricing on hummer ev i reserved….. funny how the market works… 3months ago it was a $20k dealer markup…
  3. MA showroom Cybertruck -- my photos & impressions

    One thing i found strange was how it almost seemed like the stainless steel body was sitting on a plastic “skateboard”. I know this isn't really the case and the plastic is just trim, but it comes off like that.
  4. MA showroom Cybertruck -- my photos & impressions

    I think its cuz its not a “production level” truck. Also, im like 90% sure its the only one in the state. It started in Boston and is now in Peabody.
  5. MA showroom Cybertruck -- my photos & impressions

    Oh, also, the edge under the front light bar is black plastic.
  6. MA showroom Cybertruck -- my photos & impressions

    Hey all, i went to visit the cybertruck at the dealership, feast your eyes on some photos. Few things i noticed: 1. the rear qp up into the sail pillars are one large sheet of steel. 2. The AT wheels and tires look bigger in person 3. The truck looks better in person than in pictures and photos...
  7. Massachusetts

    Homy shit theres one at the pru??
  8. HONK! Horn sound?

    Yes, MKBHD honked the horn in his review video. The horn is weak. Sorry to disappoint.
  9. Powered Frunk In Action! Great shots!!

    Whats that paper taped to the inside say?? Looks like it contains valuable information…
  10. Bulletproof tested Cybertruck spotted!! Musk confirms: "No bullets penetrated into the passenger compartment." [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Uh… usually “tommy guns” or Thompson Submachine guns are chambered in .45 ACP, a large pistol round. I have a few questions: I want to see this test. Were they full metal jacket “target” rounds? I dont see a lot of “splatter” to suggest they were hollow points… How close to the truck were they...
  11. Cybertruck & DeLorean Finally Together!

    i can tell by the pixels and the way that it is
  12. Im in a Pickle..

    I just wish i had enough information to make an informed decision between the two
  13. Im in a Pickle..

    The bent BAW
  14. Im in a Pickle..

    Ive only flown the an airbus in MFS 😂 are you a commercial pilot? Im currently working on my PPL. i agree with 99% of what you said. I dont NEED a truck right now, ive also only ever personally driven a few pickups, never technically owned one. i just hope the production CT isnt a castrated...
  15. Im in a Pickle..

    Uptate: I did not buy the $135k (incl 19k dealer markup) Hummer.
  16. Im in a Pickle..

  17. Im in a Pickle..

    Basically, but a true story nonetheless