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  1. Cyberman3000


    I got the invite and have yet to order. I was not impressed with what was being offered. I opted for a new Model Y instead. Of course they offered me$1k off a model Y, the day after I took delivery...
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    @kati-patang Did you take delivery yet?
  3. Cyberman3000

    Colorado waiting room

    Got my email to start my build, yesterday. I'm in SE Aurora. Has no one in CO taken delivery yet?
  4. Cyberman3000

    Why aren't you accepting the Foundation Series invitation?

    Pretty simple, the Foundation Series CT is not worth $120k++. At its current state of development, the "Cyberbeast" is worth $80-90k "Fully loaded". That's the price range I think we will see new Tri-motor CT's at in a year, give or take. Especially if they honor the old FSD price. After seeing...
  5. Cyberman3000


    I am RN112750879 and I have yet to receive any info. I was 100% dead set on getting this truck, but now I am doubting if I should or not.. Seems like a show piece as of right now. Hopefully things get better once Tesla starts getting actual usage data back and they can fine tune the software.
  6. Cyberman3000

    JerryRigEverything: How far can the CYBERTRUCK tow 11,000lbs in Freezing Weather?

    That sucks! I will give Tesla the benefit of the doubt and hope that this is a calibration / software problem that can be tuned after Tesla gets more driving data. So far thew Cyber truck is just a great show piece to drive to work and back.
  7. Cyberman3000


    RN112750879, day 1 reservation, stockholder, own 2 Teslas and nothing. I 1000% share your frustration. I continue to hope that I will have one of the first few in Colorado, but idk now.
  8. Cyberman3000


    Holy crapola $$$!! Well let us know when you can schedule delivery! Congrats!
  9. Cyberman3000


    Imagine the regular CT's come out and they are less, and include backdated pricing for FSD... ouch
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  11. Cyberman3000

    Cybertruck ordering (not reservations) available in Tesla app now 📲

    conversely I wonder what the range would be with some carbon fiber wheels and low profile Cup 2 tires... I also bet the 0-60 would be much closer to 2.0 seconds...
  12. Cyberman3000

    Just Ordered My Foundation Series Allocation! Post Your Invitations / Order Confirmations! 🙌

    I wonder what would happen if I changed my address to my brothers address in TX, took delivery and then registered it in my home state... hmmmmm
  13. Cyberman3000


    1000% agree, I am not happy about that. I have an address in CA and TX, I should have used those...
  14. Cyberman3000

    Stunning photography of Cybertruck @ Yosemite 📸

    Dang I wonder if they went through Oakhurst or Mariposa... I was really hoping I would be the first one to drive a CT through there : /
  15. Cyberman3000

    Strong $61k RWD Cybertruck demand may surprise Tesla

    Maybe if its a "Max Tow" Type situation. Strip it all down, give it more towing and payload, and more range. Like a 2WD work truck