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  1. FarAway

    Need for a charger station "emergency-breakaway" device?

    Even with the "eject device" installed one has to physically select "eject" on the touch screen to eject the charger and allow the motors to engage. If Tesla enabled such a function, at their chargers it would be easy to see who abused it without cause and impose a cost for damages.
  2. FarAway

    Need for a charger station "emergency-breakaway" device?

    Something I had never thought about, the need to rapidly drive away from a charger (flee?) without having to exit the vehicle and disconnect. I could easily think of a few scenarios where one might want to do this, not all involve an aggressor outside the car. For example, a fuel spill and...
  3. FarAway

    Video: Cybertruck Battery Pack Teardown by Sandy Munro Live

    At 32+00, they discuss the "Doom Mode" on a Model Y that had saltwater intrusion into the battery pack. Yikes! The windows automatically go down, the doors automatically open and the screen tells the driver/passengers to evacuate the car. Pretty scary, but cool.
  4. FarAway

    Vault vent for sleeping

    Nice engineering! Some black paint and a small usb powered fan and you are done!
  5. FarAway

    Anyone take the Cybertuck to see the total solar Eclipse? Any range problems or reactions?

    Oh, you're so vain, you drove your Cybertruck to see the total eclipse of the sun. Didn't want to take the Leer jet this time, huh? (;)) (EDIT: I think some may have missed the joke. With apologies to Carly Simon, that line approximates the lyrics to one of her 70's songs, "You're So Vain")
  6. FarAway

    CT manufacturer flaw - Should I reject it?

    I think it depends on your personal level of "OCD". I could live with it, no big deal... no one would ever know but me. However, if it that was my wife's vehicle it would be like a NEON BILLBOARD flashing at her every time she looked at the truck. IMHO, if it bothers you enough to post...
  7. FarAway

    Got VIN today, Virginia

    I'm in Culpeper and I ordered 2/20 and have a 11329xxxx so probably won't see a delivery 'til summer next year. Even though Tysons is close I would go to Richmond. I thought that was Short Pump, but it is Glen Allen, huh? Wish C'ville would get a service center! On the property taxes. I...
  8. FarAway

    Software Update disappeared?

    Sometimes it is better NOT to be on the leading "ledge" or is that the "bleeding" edge of new technology.... Yeah, and that's what I tell myself as I wait for Tesla to contact me about my reservation.
  9. FarAway

    My Cybertruck loan - $100k @ 5.94% interest rate / 72 months

    Are you sure that is a "rule of 78" loan? I am not sure how one could tell just by looking at the promissory note as posted unless there was an early payoff penalty clause, or one could see the actual payment schedule with the monthly interest and principal broken out. This loan note states...
  10. FarAway

    Cybertruck with dead 48v battery = Bring a Trailer

    Watch this video, he does a great job of showing how to jump a dead CT.
  11. FarAway

    JerryRigEverything tests Cybertruck with multiple guns including .50 cal

    OMG, I wanted to hate this video and NOT click on it, but I couldn't help myself. It is actually not bad even though he gets a CT to abuse while I am still waiting. BONUS: At least there is a charity aspect to it. Pretty interesting and exactly what most shooters expected, after all F=MA...
  12. FarAway

    12 Volts DC - Available in cabin?

    "Welcome to Virginia" Lots of speed traps and vigorous enforcement. The accompanying penalties make VA. one of the worst states to get caught speeding. If driving 20 mph over the posted limit or over 85mph (only recently raised from 80mph) anywhere it is considered "reckless driving", which...
  13. FarAway

    Joe Tegtmeyer getting a truck ahead of everyone....

    Did anyone actually post Joe's announcement? I've got no problem with this; he deserves it a lot more than many of the other "influencers" that got a bump. Pretty cool!
  14. FarAway

    Underseat Storage Bin for Cybertruck (New Tesla Accessory)

    Will this bin stay securely in place if the rear seat is left in the upright (stowed) position?
  15. FarAway

    Side Mirror Delete w/ Hole Cover on Gloss Black Wrap Cybertruck

    Nice job. I will be bookmarking this thread. From the video, if you are interested in purchasing these, reach out to Miguel at Midnight Garage: [email protected] I don't have a truck yet so I am waiting for now but if someone gets a price, I would be curious.
  16. FarAway

    [Update: NOT VALET] owner crashes Cybertruck at Beverly Hills Hotel 🤦🏻‍♂️

    This comment on X summed up the Cybertruck crash nicely. "It might be bullet proof but It’s not fool proof."
  17. FarAway

    Cybertruck logo request... Not that one

    @rudedawg78 I tried a similar program called "What the Font", but I keep finding the Foundation font from the Apple TV series based on Asimov's Foundation and Empire Trilogy (originally), supposedly the inspiration for the Foundation series CT. @Mantis79 , cool website, Thanks! But that is the...
  18. FarAway

    Cybertruck logo request... Not that one

    I was looking around for the "Foundation Series" font but haven't seen that available. Anyone have that?
  19. FarAway

    DIY Avery Dennison Gloss Orange for Cybertruck Secured!

    Malcom Bricklin called the color "safety orange" in the mid-70's. There were five exterior colors available (Safety Green, Safety White, Safety Red, Safety Orange and Safety Suntan) on the Bricklin SV-1 (SV=Safety Vehicle). In order not to paint the cars, the color was "baked" into the resin.