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  1. Bill906

    Cleaning inside of windshield -- using window cleaning mop with long handle

    Thanks for the feedback. I assumed it would be great for CT. Yes, it takes a little getting used to. Slow down near the edges and near the rearview mirror/ camera area. I use it on my Jeep Grand Cherokee often. If it does separate and the inside part hits the ground, do not use the same...
  2. Bill906

    Utah Delivery. Yassssssss!

    Thanks @CyberGus. Not sure how I missed it being mentioned in other reviews. It’s a shame they didn’t add that feature. The fact that the CT doesn’t have a window wiper trough was something I liked because of it being easier to clear the snow off. With the BAW flipped up, I think it would...
  3. Bill906

    Utah Delivery. Yassssssss!

    Something I’ve been wondering, and you offered to answer questions, and seem to understand what clearing snow off a car is like… Can you flip the BAW up so it’s out of the way when clearing snow off the CT?
  4. Bill906

    Removing everything plastic from a Cybertruck: Hidden tailgate accessory space?

    My guess, that space was for the power lower/lift mechanism that was either deemed to expensive or wasn't ready in time for launch so it was scrapped.
  5. Bill906

    Squirkle steering wheel behavior when Cybertruck is sleeping.

    Can you play Beach Buggy Racing while at a supercharger without having the 4 actual wheels "steer" with the video game?
  6. Bill906

    Hands On Cybertruck with Larsen Engineering: "an honest review"

    If I had known this, I would not have posted the video above. It was already bordering on poor taste.
  7. Bill906

    Been a couple days since I posted here…

    I used to envy those of you with reveal day reservations, but not anymore! :) I secured my reservation on December 12, 2019, and the spreadsheet indicates I'm approximately at the 400k mark. I'm hopeful that by the time my number comes up, there will be valuable feedback, most bugs will be...
  8. Bill906

    Cybertruck Charging Curve (Recorded by Owner)

    There may be other reasons, but one theory I have is to not allow charging from itself. I know I would have tried it just to see what happens. :)
  9. Bill906

    🎬 Onboard video! Cybertruck Off-Road Filming... Rear Screen spotted 👍

    So a professional camera with high end gimbal and a potato cam are in the back of a CT. Guess which one posts the video to this site.... :mad:
  10. Bill906

    FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    Wow, wasn't expecting 3rd row seating. This will make up for the lost center position in the front middle row.
  11. Bill906

    Cybertruck to use 48V instead of 12V?

    Heat Pump: Based on all the tear-downs of other vehicles, I feel extremely confident the heat pump will be powered by high voltage (400VDC - 1200VDC, wherever we land on that). I very much doubt they'll power the heat pump with low voltage (0-48VDC). I expect all low voltage devices will be...
  12. Bill906

    Tesla rental

    Tesla can't do that. They are working on full autonomy. They need a car that will drive safely ALWAYS. There are a lot of bad drivers on the road who think they are good drivers. What if a bad driver (who claims to be good) taught his car to always hit the accelerator when it saw a yellow...
  13. Bill906

    Tesla rental

    When I recently rented a Model 3 it took a bit to get used to the one pedal driving. Once I noticed the black bar/green bar, it got much easier. I like being about to see how much power is being applied to the wheels, and whether that power is motoring or regenerating. What surprised me was...
  14. Bill906

    How Long Does A Cybertruck Battery Stayed Charged When The Vehicle Has Not Been Driven For A While?

    I haven't driven my CT in over 3 years and the battery charge is exactly the same as it was then. 0% loss! :)
  15. Bill906

    40,000 Production this year prediction

    This statement caused my brain to lock up for a second.
  16. Bill906

    Will You Wrap Your Cybertruck?

    I had a similar idea in a thread from 2020 about naming your truck. Although I went OS where you're more TNG/VOY. @Crissa also talked about her starfleet Civic then.
  17. Bill906

    I'm going to rent a Model 3. Any suggestions?

    WARNING: The following has nothing to do with the CT. If you're not interested in Rental cars, debit cards and credit cards please disregard. I think they've changed recently. I got this from As far as credit cards being worth it... I got into some trouble my last year of...