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  1. Cyberman

    Crystal ball says...

    Crystal ball says eventually, all vehicles (car and trucks) will be Cybercars, Cybervans and Cybertrucks. Cybercoupes, Cyberwagons, CyberSUV's, if they make it, they'll sell out every year. You heard it here first. I am not Elon (OK, maybe I am, but probably not)
  2. Cyberman

    Got the invite to configure, but...

    ...I just can't do it. I want my CT now, but can't pull the trigger at $100,000. I mean, $80,000 is a stretch, but I'll do it since they ain't gonna sell me one for the original $50,000 sticker price. Sheez. Any advice? Should I walk in to the showroom and see if they can make it happen, or do I...
  3. Cyberman

    Cybertruck in the Wild

    Well, it happened today. I was driving through downtown San Diego in the driving rain, and around the corner comes the FUCKING CYBERTRUCK. I've seen it before, but only at Peterson's and a dealership. Never like this. It was brief, about 3 secs worth, so no chance to whip it out (my phone, you...
  4. Cyberman

    Actual real tape measurements at last!

    So here we are, I stopped by Tesla of San Diego (UTC Mall) to actually take measurements of The Beast. Here it is: front to back 222" (18'6"), 77" high, 82" side to side. Not "about" that, exactly that. It seemed bigger than ever (I saw it last year at Peterson Museum), and it's yuge. So in...
  5. Cyberman

    Aptera news

    Maybe I should be posting this on Aptera Owners Club, but here goes. Aptera was just awarded a 21 million dollar grant from the California Energy Comission. This, along with the 8 million raised through crowdfunding reservations, gives them over 29 million with which they'll make significant...
  6. Cyberman

    How expensive a machine is the 9k ton IDRA Giga Press?

    How much mulah is the Bigga Giga? By the looks of it, there will only be one at Austin Tesla. Any repairs needed won't have a backup, it'll have to be fixed in-house. So how much dough do you think is tied up into this thing?
  7. Cyberman

    We are less than a year away from production! (We all need some positive news)

    Just think, a year (or less) from now, Cybertruck will be rolling out of Giga Austin's doors, just like the MY's we see now! How great is that? I'm super excited. Well, super optimistically (is that even a word?) excited. In about 18 months), I might be picking up the greatest truck ever...
  8. Cyberman

    Updated Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    Well, here it is folks, the most up-to-date Cybertruck pricing scale. We have carefully deconstructed the original Cybertruck price, and using the most advanced algorithm available to date, reconstructed a sliding scale that closely mirrors market conditions on all levels of factors, such as...
  9. Cyberman


    Now that's the headline I'd like to see. So tired or speculating, hearing mumbo-jumbo and rumors, inferring, putting two and two together (it's never four). I so need some real meat on the Cybertruck! C'mon, Elon, throw us a bone, blab-nabbit! April 7th is a shitload more than "a month or so"...
  10. Cyberman

    Cyber lineup is going to sell so well, it's going to be like the Star Wars franchise

    My son asked me once, about 10 years ago, after seeing the latest Star Wars movie "Do you think they'll make another one?" I laughed. They make 250 million a pop or so. So why wouldn't they make another? Do you want to make another 250 mil? Well do ya, punk? Let's just say, it stands to reason...
  11. Cyberman


    So BEV's go back a ways -way back. Back even further than ICE, to be frank. One of the first was made in 1828 by Anyos Jedlik, a Hungarian physicist. A lot of companies/people have taken a stab at it since then, literally dozens have come and gone. Very few could be described as successful...
  12. Cyberman


    So, Cybertrucks will be on the road, on the the highway, overlanding, off-roading, Baja-style, and amphibious. Seeing how Elon has sent a Roadster into orbit, and the CT is obviously built for Mars, at this point I don't think it's a stretch to say there will be Cybertrucks in space. It's just a...
  13. Cyberman

    Cybernating, the act of going into hibernation until your res number is up

    Well, I stood it as long as I could stand it, but I just can't stands it no more. I'm going into Cybernation, wake me up when it's time to pick up me pickup. :sleep:
  14. Cyberman

    Tell us in 50,000 words or less why you're so excited about the Cybertruck

    For me, it just hits the right spot, fills that void where a DeLorean would have gone 40 years ago, it's the perfect balance between a stainless steel Starship and a super crew cab pickup. Never before has the world seen such (IMHO) a handsome truck with a unique look, strength, and a mega-pack...
  15. Cyberman

    1.4 million Cybertruck reservations -all manufactured in Texas?

    So that's a lot of Cybertrucks. Is Tesla exporting these to China and Europe, or will the Berlin and the Shanghai factories churn out a bunch as well? So far, I haven't heard any rumors of 8,000 ton giga presses shipping to either.
  16. Cyberman


    It's just a matter of time until someone builds a CyberMonsterTruck, crushing all sorts of wimpy import cars under foot. I kinda dig it, I think my Cybertruck will look awesome sitting atop a pulverized F150.
  17. Cyberman

    304 stainless steel piece received. Taking partial delivery of Cybertruck/ Mobsters are threatening to return Cybertruck piece by piece

    So I ordered a piece of 5"x5"x3mm SS online, so I can see just what the CT skin/exo is going to look like, here it is. It's 304 stainless. This is definitely thicker than a quarter. Feels awesome in my hand. Kind of like having a piece of Cybertruck with me already. I'll take it.
  18. Cyberman

    Psycho for Cybertruck (Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs)

    OK, it's time to lay it down. Take a minute to think back, and share when it was that you realized you were...Psycho for Cybertruck. For me, it was two days after reveal, I spent the day at work thinking how futuristic and advanced the stainless steel body was, the looks, durability...
  19. Cyberman

    Actual picture of me waiting for Cybertruck

    This may be hard to believe, but this is me waiting for Cybertruck. I'm told I've done so much, for so long, with so little, that I am now qualified to do anything with nothing. Please help. Won't someone with a reservation of 1000 or less flip me their reservation?