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  1. SolarWizard

    Portable solar generators

    how much was the eco flow generator you use
  2. SolarWizard

    Portable solar generators

    most people don't realize who I am or what I do so that's fine for you to assume I don't care who spends their money on what. ROI in the sense im talking about is the cost vs life expectancy of in field use. Go take your eco flow and drop it off a tailgate and let it get rained overnight...
  3. SolarWizard

    Portable solar generators

    Im not really seeing an roi on something thats mean to work as a replacement for a generator in the field. Im speaking more to the fragility and the barely better than DIY build quality exhibited in them. The best one on the market right now is made by Anker but its still not worth buying...
  4. SolarWizard

    Stainless Steel Inlet, Calipers Painted, Blk lugs & Center Cap, Fluid washer cap gasket issue.

    I think itd be easier just to cut it to outside dimensions and zip tie it there. Plus itll look cool and be easier to dbug/rock/trash imo
  5. SolarWizard

    First (Private) Imported Cybertruck in Europe (Germany)

    theres a decent chance this gonna work out to be a very expensive failed gamble
  6. SolarWizard

    Portable solar generators

    Thats true however a portable generator needs to survive being moved, direct sun, terrible environmental conditions and being dropped a lot better than a fixed in place battery is asked to.
  7. SolarWizard

    Portable solar generators

    Solar generators in their current form and underperforming, delicate crap. Ive taken apart all those listed and several you havent. Good tech that does what these are expected to do reliability and for enough years to make the price quasi reasonable are 3-4 years out
  8. SolarWizard

    Portable solar generators

    you definitely not getting 500w out of a 2x4 panel. The best 6 x 3.5 foot panels make about 480w in a laboratory and about 400w in the real world
  9. SolarWizard

    Order cancelled by Tesla

    Man thats tough. Change in the place in line could be the source material for one of my favorite movies of all time, Cliffhanger
  10. SolarWizard

    Pulling RV - Not good!

  11. SolarWizard

    Bed Divider broke

    and yet when I say the true aftermarket should be where any accessories come from people say im trolling
  12. SolarWizard

    a very cool video from Moab

    I know only a few handfuls of members here have done any serious wheeling before and may soon want to try it at least once to say they have. This week is like Christmas for those of us who love Moab, particularly in the Jeep community. some dear friends of mine in the true offroad aftermarket...
  13. SolarWizard

    PowerShare install price / value

    not quite that far south yet. Maybe 6 weeks. requires a site visit to quote but we believe in fair pricing
  14. SolarWizard

    Steer-by-wire helped prevent an accident -- dashcam video from my Cybertruck

    The responsive steering is great and clearly the best feature of the truck but you also should have been able to stop in time. Changing lanes unexpectedly can also cause problems on the road.
  15. SolarWizard

    Elon addresses Cybertruck door gap seen in MKBHD review

    Im sure a 15 minute fix is great fun for someone in montana
  16. SolarWizard

    Trucks been in service for 3 weeks

    extremely disappointing